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Fall Wedding Decorating Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. Does anyone have wedding suggestions for me?

    My fiance and I decided to move up our wedding, and now I have 3 weeks to put it together. Since it is November, I am thinking about having my colors as rustic orange, gold, and ivory. I am at a loss for flowers! I have no idea what flowers to use, or a theme, or colors. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Does anyone have any fall wedding pictures, mostly of green and orange?

    I'm getting married in the fall of 2009 and planning a little at a time. I was thinking of doing sage or olive green bridesmaid dresses and flowers with hints of burnt orange and dark red. The accents of the rest of the wedding would be brown. I'm not sure how this would look, so I want to actually see something like it. Thanks for the help.

  3. how should i decorate my fall themed wedding?

    My wedding venue is in a small 1350 sq ft ball room. the back wall opposite of the entrance door is all glass windows but the other three walls are plain and boring. We are not allowed to hang anything from the ceiling or the walls, not even with tape. I need some ideas on how to cover them up or take the focus away from the boring walls!!! my wedding is in mid october of this year so i am doing a fall theme. any ideas?

  4. Does anyone know of a site that shows pictures of wedding decorated tree branches for centerpieces?

    I'm having a December wedding and saw a picture one time of centerpieces made of nothing but tree banches and gems. I have been searching high and low for a picture of that so I can get an idea of how to make some for my wedding. Does anyone know of a site or two? Thanks!

  5. What are you doing to make your wedding fall-tastic?

    Colors, menu, drinks, favors, decor? A combination of the above? If you are having a fall wedding, what are the fall elements you are including to set your wedding apart from the rest?

  6. what are some legitimate ways to make money as a stay at home mom?

    I am expecting a baby and would feel much more comfortable staying home to care for it but have no idea how I would earn any money that way. Any answers would help :)

  7. I have 9$ and need to buy 1 christmas present for my mom and dad what can I buy/how can I get more money?

    I really need to get them a present and I have 9$ I need some suggestions im only 11 so please don't say go get a job. They don't give me money for chores and there is no snow(To shovel driveways) So I need something that's like 4$ each or more money please help!

  8. How to have a less expensive wedding.?

    I am getting married in the fall of 2011. I am not looking to spend 100 bucks, but i do not want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on my wedding. I am ecspecially scared in finding a nice dress for under 800 or so dollars, or a nice ring for my husband. anyone have any ideas on how to save money and places to shop and what not, please comment. Thanks for all your answers

  9. Any suggestions on how to have an inexpensive wedding?

    My fiance and I are getting married June 22, 2007. But, we are poor college kids. I would still like to have a beautiful wedding. We live in a small town, so I am not worried about paying for the church or pastor. But, decorations and the reception are going to be expensive. What can I use to decorate/ eat that is nice, but inexpensive? My cousin just had an average wedding and it was over $10,000! I am looking to spend about $2,000 for all of it. Any ideas would be great. Thanks!

  10. Do you prefer a small wedding or a traditional one?

    My boyfriend and I want to get married. My parents are offering us either money or a wedding. I would like to have just a family dinner and get married at a judge's office. Most people say that I will regret not having a real wedding, because it would be nice to show wedding pictures to the kids. Now I do not know what to do :-).

  11. how to make a ceiling canopy for my wedding?

    the center is 1750 sq feet and the measurements are 58.6 ft by 30ft. i need advice on how to do it and what material to use, thinking of using tulle. is that a good idea? need advice on cheap places to look for the material. ANY AND ALL COMMENTS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED :-)

  12. I bought some Valentine's Day cards and want to add some of my personality to it?

    I bought some valentine's day cards that have a cute saying on the front but on the back it's just so plain... What can I do to add some of my personality onto it? I can't throw the cards away. Note: Valentine's day is 2 days away I like a bit of everything. I like anything from clothes to sports and reading to fashion :)

  13. Any ideas for decorating a low budget wedding reception???

    I'm getting married on September 1st of 2007 in Muskegon MI and only so much money for decorating. My colors are red and white.