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Church Wedding Decorating Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. Where can I find pictures of drapes decorating a wedding church?

    Where can I find pictures of drapes decorating a wedding church? I have this idea of having long white fabric drapes hang from the center of the ceiling towards the outer parts of the ceiling in the church on my wedding day but I cant seem to find a sample picture that I could take to the person who will be decorating my wedding.

  2. How do I make a wishing tree with natural branches?

    I am making a wish tree for my wedding. I was wanting to take tree branches just from outside around my house without paying an arm and a leg for branches online. My wedding iis in a little over 6 weeks. Is it ok to go ahead and make it? How do I keep it from rotting or anything? Can I just get branches from outside and put them in a vase and that work? HELPPP please!

  3. How to decorate with catty nine tails?

    I am thinking about using catty nine tails in my centerpieces for my wedding reception. So keeping with the theme I'd like to decorate the aisle somehow with them at the ceremony however I cant seem to find any pictures of decor with catty nine tails for inspiration. Any suggestions for any decor with them is welcomed!

  4. What responsibilities can I give a friend if Im using her as a wedding coordinator?

    I am planning on using a friend of mine who lives out of state as my wedding coordinator. I'd like her to help with the details of my wedding day to make sure everything is running smoothly. I'm thinking of asking her to help with the decorating details, and our timing... but what other things can she help me with that I wont have time to check on ?

  5. How to advertise your cake decorating skills?

    I am a pretty good cake decorator, but I have only been doing cakes for fun. How do I reach my business to friends that would pay for a cake?

  6. Is it cheaper to have a wedding and reception in a hotel?

    I just want to know what my options are. Will it be cheaper if i go traditional or should i try having them both at a hotel?

  7. How to keep from murdering my future mother in law?

    She decorated the whole church without me (THE BRIDE) and she told me that she wasnt decorating until tomorrow and then she goes and does it today! I AM SO FURIOUS! Everything is now her way just like she wanted and it is no longer my day... how do i handle this. my fiance didnt know that she was decorating today and she told him not to call me I AM MAD!!! Where do I go from here?

  8. my church and reception area are ugly! Any ideas for pictures?

    I have a super small budget and having a wedding and reception at my church is the most reasonable place in my area. ONly problem is that the inside of the church is ugly, the reception hall isnt attractive, and the church is surrounded by parking lot and roads : ( Im trying to figure out where i can have nice photos taken. Any creative ideas? ps. the closest "nice" place I can think of is 20 min away and i hesitate to drive all the way there while everyones waiting at the reception : (. help! thanks!

  9. What kind of decor would you suggest for a simple indoor wedding? Not in a church, see details.?

    Hi, I'm getting married next year, and we're having our wedding and reception at the same place, we want simple decor for the ceremony because we want to make a fast transition to the reception. In the hall, where we would like to get married is in front of this huge picture, its neutral creams and is outlines of branches and leaves, we want something really simple to compliment that so our "alter" is decorated. The wedding is INDOORS, the picture is of outdoor scenery.

  10. How significant events such as Weddings, Births, Deaths, 21st birthdays are observed in France?

    I need some help please, Its for my home work which is due back on the first day of school. But I can't find anything about it on internet. Oh and can it please be in English. Thanx. Please help me as soon as possible. :) Thanx again.

  11. what shoes to change into for my wedding?

    I am wearing heals for both my ceremony and reception, but I know by the middle of the reception time my feet are going to be killing me. So I was thinking of changing into either sneakers or flats, but then I don't want my dress to be dragging on the floor either. My dress is hemmed just a little above the grown with my heals and if I put on flats it will drag. Should I wear those sneakers that has height to them or is that too tacky? Or just let me dress drag with the flats?