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Outdoor Wedding Decorating Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. Very tight budget wedding, what are cheap ways to make it look nice for an outdoor wedding?

    Some things have come up and my dad is coldhearted and doesnt want to pay for my wedding now and so is leaving it up to me now...so I was planning on having an outdoor wedding which I originally was just going to have the wedding reception outdoors...but will cost less for me now to do both outside now...but I would like to make the area look nice and such, so what are cheap ways I can decorate the outdoor area...and should I get one of those arch things I dont know what its called at the moment lol...any ideas???

  2. What are you using/throwing @ the end of your wedding ceremony, instead of rice?

    Since I'm getting married in a public park I didn't' want to use confetti b/c of the clean-up and I think bubbles are a little lame (not very visual), while visiting a site I saw a shorter version of gymnastic streamers. They shouldn't require any clean up and they look sorta cool and you can get them in the wedding colors. So what do you think, fun or lame? Do you know of anyone to use streamers, did they go over well? What are you using instead of rice?

  3. Outdoor Weddings. Okay, we'll have a tent but what about toilet facilities? Have any of you had an outdoor

    wedding? Where did you choose to have it, what were the drawbacks and the perks? I agree with Cali. The reception will be outside as well. Will this make it more difficult??? Don't know what happened to Cali's post but she suggested that outdoor toilets tend to smell in warm weather. To tell the truth, I can't imagine my guests having to use them. Can a home with 3 bathrooms handle up to 300 guests?

  4. Is there a website where I can find pictures of outside wedding decorations?

    we are getting married in April 2007. i would like some ideas for decorating a wedding arch and other outdoor decorations our colors are navy,baby blue and silver.

  5. How can I make an outdoor wedding at a Public Park still be elegant?

    I keep thinking of the shelters in the park that are not at all pretty. How can we decorate them to make them still feel romantic?

  6. All money-making photographers...what do you tell people who want to enter the profession?

    I have zero art background, but I love photography. I do all kinds, but i first started it because i liked nature/outdoor photography. I've been told by many people not to pursue the career, you can't make money in it, and some other people saying you can if you're good enough. I'm wondering if i should pursue it or leave it as a hobbie?I have another interest in my life...a different career path, very different. So i think i should follow that because it might be more secure and stable than photography. I've never used a $$$ proffesional digital camera. I like old-fashion things, and don't have the $ now. My talent is average, but has improved. My imagination and drive make me willing to try it. I also know zero about altering digital photos or making a website..which is a huge negative. I don't even know what kind of photographer i'd want to be Photo-journalism also interests me

  7. what can I do to keep kids occupied at the reception?

    We have A LOT of kids in our family! We are inviting a total of 45 kids ranging in ages from 1-13 there will be at least 25 at the wedding including our 2 year old daughter. I'm not worried about them messing anything up but we will be outside the whole time. I was thinking of setting up a table with some candy on it but I don't know what else to do. should i set up some outdoor games or what. i need some ideas can you help???? thanks so much! if i do games what kinds?

  8. Fun and/or low cost wedding ideas.?

    My fiance and I have been engaged for a while, but every time we try to set back money for a wedding to start planning, something comes up. Car tags, new tires, a fire, etc. So we've decided to just try and put together a small wedding with just family and close friends. I am really not into a formal wedding setting, so the setting will likely be my in laws lovely wooden deck in their backyard, or my parents yard under large oak trees. Any ideas are welcome, although i'm not really into the whole luau theme. Thank you!

  9. Good Ideas for wedding venues?

    I am starting to plan my wedding. I am having A LOT of trouble trying to look for a venue. Where I live it doesn't seem like there is any where to get married! I am planning on having possibly an old hollywood themed wedding, or something kind of classic and vintage. I was wondering if anyone had ideas of what kind of places would be nice to consider when having this type of wedding!? Thanks!

  10. Suggestions for transportation on my wedding?

    I'm getting married in August. Small outdoor ceremony with a total of 6 attendants and the reception hall is a few blocks from the park. Any suggestions for transportation. We've gotten prices for Limos and can't get any classic cars in our area and something a little different would be nice. Just wondering if someone else has any ideas? Thanks!

  11. Any unique ideas for a second Wedding on a very tight budget?

    I am looking for some original ideas that can cut costs but also make the day special....I am finding the thought of marrying a second time very ......tacky? I dont know why. But my man has not been married before so I want it to be special for him. Any ideas? I want to make it as original and unique as possible, without it costing the earth. Vegas is a great idea but from where I live the airfares would cost more, much more than what I plan to spend anyway! :-)

  12. Decorating the trees on the ceremony site with ribbons...?

    When I was starting to plan our outdoor wedding I found a beautiful picture of large oak trees (similar to the ones on my site) with long ribbons hanging from the branches. I am having trouble explaining what I want to the people helping me decorate. The problem is that now i can't find the picture. can anyone find a picture like this on the web?

  13. would like help finding wedding theme?

    details of a carribean theme for my wedding in kent please anybody know of co ordinators for themmed weddings ?

  14. Cheap weddings? How can my freind who is 20 years old plan her wedding very cheaply?

    please give any ideas or suggestions that would help save money. Thank you.