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Wedding Decorating Pictures And Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Anybody know a site that has pictures of decorated wedding venues?

    I'm looking for a site with lots of pictures of decorated wedding venues and examples. Thanks in advance.

  2. I need to decorate a cake to look like a mountain.Does anyone have any pictures or ideas?

    This is for a wedding cake.

  3. What are some creative ideas for an anniversary party at a bar?

    I am having a suprise 5th year anniversary party I need party favor and decorating tips. Its at a lounge so I don't want it to be super fancy But i do want it to be very nice and memorable

  4. Any ideas on how to make a craft using drumsticks to decorate a drum room?

    We used 22 drumsticks for our wedding reception and now I'd like to make a craft/decoration of some sort to decorate my husband's drum room. I've thought of a picture frame or a round vase-like holder for his drumsticks. I'd love any ideas.

  5. What are some ideas for wedding locations?

    Hello all! I just recently asked my girlfriend to marry me... and she said yes. Now we are planning the wedding. Although the location is very hard to figure out with the time frame that we want to get married. Anywho, what are some ideas for wedding locations. We have been looking at hotel ball rooms, chapels, civic centers, parks, and even possibly on a cruise. I know there have to be other locations we are not thinking of! And bonus if you know of locations in Florida, preferrably Central Florida, but hey I'm not picky! Thanks for the read and I look forward to all your answers!

  6. What are some ideas for homemade bridal shower favors?

    I need to make bridal shower favors. Any ideas?

  7. Need ideas of how to decorate a wedding reception using black, white and red as accent color?

    Ok Im getting married in three months and I am having trouble trying to come up with ideas for centerpieces. My colors are black, white and red as my accent color. I will have 12 round tables. Im using black linens with damask table runners. I would like to use red roses for the centerpieces, but it can be expensive. Also, I need ideas of how to decorate the head table. If anybody has any pictures that i can look at, it will be appreciated.

  8. What can I get my in-laws for their 50th wedding anniversary?

    I need some advice on this. They are doing a huge party at a hall with a live band and 5 service meal. Probably around 150 people attending. I do not have much money but would like to get them something.My husband is not the sentimental type and is leaving this one up to me. ANY IDEAS? Thanks.

  9. where can i get a beautiful catalouge for wedding cake?

    my wedding is coming up in december and i am confused as to the design for my cake, so i need a catalouge of cakes to help me come up with something beautiful for that day. i live in ottawa, ON, canada, so anyone who can suggest where i can get one , i'll really appreciate it.

  10. What fabric should I use to cover gym walls for a wedding?

    HI I am using the gym of our local Rec Center for our wedding. This will be for the ceremony only. We will use the Activity room for the reception. We will Ue Half of the Gym It will be Closed off by a drop down Tarp thingy. I am wondering What type of fabric is the best and cheapest to hang from the landing that surrounds the gym. Any other ideas for decorating would be appreciated

  11. Where can I find a wedding planner that is budget friendly?

    I need to hire a wedding planner, but my budget is a bit tight