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Winter Wedding Decorating Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. I want to find a native american print but don't know the title. Can someone help me?

    I am looking for a print I seen about 6 to 8 years ago. I thought Lee Bogle painted it, but I can't find it on his website. I think the title has something to do with, "the bride", or "the wedding" or something in that line. It has a native american women dressed in a long white decorated doeskin dress. She might be wearing a headband with decorations and a long feather on the side. If I remember right, I think she's standing by a tree, but I'm not quite sure. She was very beautiful with a serene look on her face. Her hair was loose and the scene could have been in the winter. I haven't seen this print for quite awhile so I'm not quite sure of all the details. If you know who painted it, the title, or a website I could look at, that would be great.

  2. Any ideas for bride and groom entrance? instead of the traditional way, holding hands and on music.?

    i thought of a wedding carriage but its an indoor place, and its winter now.

  3. Wedding theme ideas with these colors?

    Our colors that we both want are pink, blue, and silver (my favorite color's pink & blue is my fiances favorite) Anyone with any ideas for pink,blue and silver anything dresses, floral arrangements, wedding favors, etc Any and all pictures please thank you!

  4. is december or january a good time to visit chicago? what do u see there in the snow?

    i wanna drop by. will the hotels be cheaper during winter?

  5. Best time of year(Month) to have a wedding?

    Season, Month and Day?

  6. winter wedding and reception?

    Has anyone here ever had a winter wedding (if so how did you decorate, what kind of dress did you have, location etc.) and/or a wedding brunch (what kinds of foods did you have etc.) Would you have a winter wedding/wedding brunch reception again if you could do it allover? I basically need some ideas. Any ideas are appreciated :)

  7. who out there has ALREADY completed a winter wedding??

    I'd love to hear how it went, decorations, pictures, cakes, EVERYTHING! I'm very excited to be getting married in the winter, for a little bit of a different feel. ALSO, if any of you have any left over items you might want to sell, I'd love to know about those as well. :)

  8. Winter wedding - good or bad idea?

    Have you been to a wedding in winter? Is it a good idea? Or does it just mean everyone freezes, the photos looks all grey and the flowers are not in season?

  9. I need idea for a Christmas wedding cake?

    No cupcakes please :-) Wedding is for 200 people THX

  10. any ideas for a christmas eve wedding?

    my colors will be silver blue and white. its been hard finding a place for the reception open on christmas eve in michigan. im real good at arts and crafts i just need ideas and pictures. someone please help!!!!