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Gazebo Wedding Decorating Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. does anyone have any good ideas for decorating a gazebo for my wedding ceremony?

    if you could, give me some great ideas and some sites where i could have a few visuals, anything with some pictures... thank you

  2. Where is a beautiful unique place to hold a wedding ceremony?

    My Fiance and I are getting married Sept 15th 2012. The reception is in a backyard, very laid back. We are looking for a unique place in MA (other then the typical country club/hotel) to hold the Ceremony for us and a few close family and friends. Any suggestions would be great!

  3. How do I decorate a gazebo for my wedding?

    I am getting married in a gazebo outside. It will be in the day at 3pm. Any tips on decorating it to make it look nice? My colors are green and yellow and I am having daisies.

  4. What is the least amount of money I can spend on a wedding with 35-45 guests?

    I am getting married in August 2007 and we have only 5 months to save money and get this thing done. We have a beautiful gazebo in our backyard and we plan to have the wedding there. We would then like to have the reception also in the backyard, since we have a large concrete patio to put tables and chairs. But when it comes to food, decorations, music, etc, does anyone have any suggestions on how would be the best way to budget these? We are not getting any help from our families financially so we are in this alone in that respect. Please help??

  5. How do receptions work at destination weddings?

    I do not see reception costs listed for all-inclusive resort weddings (e.g. Sandals). They may say "cocktail reception for bride & groom" or "bride & groom and 2 others." How do you plan a reception at a destination?

  6. Ideas for Sunflower/Yellow themed wedding?

    I'm getting married in June and Sunflowers are kind of the theme, and bright yellows. I need some creative ideas regarding centerpieces and decorating. The reception will be in a gym as there will be a lot of guests, I need decorating tips to take away the fact that it's in a gym!Also, wedding cakes, floral arrangements and other things. Although the theme is sunflower, this is not a country-style wedding with rusty tins and plaid table cloths. I want it to be formal, beautiful, bright, and cheery. Pictures are so helpful!

  7. Anyone know of a place in Shelbyville, Indiana called the Wedding Garden?

    I want pictures, I've tried google and any other search engine I could think of and found nothing. If anyone knows someone that might have gotten married there or anything.. please let me know. I mean I plan on visiting the place in the spring but I'm anxious lol. My aunt got married there I just haven't gotten around to asking about seeing pictures. If no one can help that's alright I will see it eventually.

  8. I am in need of a wedding place for early october that is outside and doesnt cost a fortune.?

    i am looking for a scenic place that isnt far away from boise, but has beautiful views and eacy access. I wouldnt mind haveing a lodge available, but a huge area would be fine. If you have any pictures or ideas....PLEASE PLEASE let me know. Any imput would be helpful. ALl i have found costs an arm and a leg and i dont believe you should go into debt for one day. In Idaho nearest to boise

  9. Gazebo decorations?

    I'm having a fall themed wedding in September and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas to decorate the gazebo? Pictures?

  10. How to light the gazebo?

    The picture below is how the gazebo is going to be decorated at my wedding. Our wedding is going to be at sunset and into night. my question is how can I light up the gazebo for darkfall? I do not like white mini christmas lights. Thanks for all the ideas! http://weddings.theknot.com/odb/themes/realweddings/detailview.aspx?id=17946&type=3&wedding_details=Wedding+Party+Looks%2cRing+Bearers%2cFlower+Girls

  11. Harvest wedding ideas?

    My best friends mom is having a wedding on october 17th. it is going to take place outside and she put us in charge of decorating. she said she wants a arrangment of pumpkins, squash, leaves, ect. We are having a tough time coming up with ideas. you have any? Pictures would be great.

  12. Ideas for a "how to" speech?

    We're doing a project in School that has to be 3 minutes long on how to do something I need unique simple ideas. Thanks!