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Spring Wedding Decorating Pictures Questions Answered!

  1. What is the importance of Chinese lanterns in Chinese history and/or mythology?

    I already have the Lantern Festival and how it had to do with religious beliefs. And I also have how it provided entertainment and illumination.

  2. why do people cut down a holiday wedding, no matter which one?

    my groom chose Halloween.. fun time, party atmosphere.. pretty colors for the season.. but i've heard Valentine's and Christmas weddings knocked too. any day is as wonderful as the couple, right? and if you want something different or romantic and that day is special to the couple, should it really matter? what are your thoughts?

  3. Did a friend photograph your wedding, and now you regret it?

    A friend of mine offered to photograph my wedding for me, as a gift. He has a very high-quality camera, and loves photography, but he is in no way professional. Im very grateful he is offering this, but I was just wondering if there is anyone who had a friend who photographed their wedding, and they regretted not getting a professional? thx :)

  4. Anyone know any unique wedding ideas for a country wedding?

    Around late march in kentukcy.

  5. Bridal shower decorations? Picture of the bride as a baby?

    Hello Everyone!! This is my first time planning a bridal shower and I am trying to plan what to get for decorations. Do you have any cute decoration ideas? Someone suggested blowing up a picture of the bride and hanging it near the gift area.....Could you all suggest somethings? Thank you so much!!!!

  6. Any ideas for decorating leave-less trees for an outside wedding ceremony?

    Our wedding ceremony will be outside March 8th. We are on a lake (the main reason we picked the location) however, the trees that are planted in the concrete of the facility are going to be leave-less since spring hasn't quite come about yet. The ceremony is at 2pm, so lights will just look tacky. I was thinking tulle? But have no clue what to do with it or how to wrap the dead looking trees with it. Ideas?

  7. Can I please have your opinion of the wedding dress?

    What do you think of this wedding dress? The wedding is going to be a formal church wedding in spring (october) next year. I'll be 26 by then, and i am an Australian size 10 or US 8 with a curvy hourglass figure, if that makes a difference. http://www.casarelegance.com.au/bridal-collection-timeless.php#0053 No, I don't have jiggly boobs haha.

  8. Any suggestions for a classy chic spring wedding? ?

    I'm thinking bridesmades in short yellow dresses...because I love yellow. Wedding dress will be egg shell and I'm not sure what other colors to mix in with the yellow and egg shell... I like daisy's and lillys....but I'm not sure how they look together. I love candles and large yet simple centerpieces...can't really find or think up anything for the tables yet.... Any suggestions about decorating ideas & any other wedding stuff would be greatly apreciated!

  9. I am in a wedding and the reception is in a VFW hall. Any suggestions on decorating this ugly hall?

    The colors of the wedding are pink and it is a spring wedding. I am a bridesmaid and I know the bride has some ideas but I am looking for fairly inexpensive and easy to take down (we have to be out of the hall that night). Any suggestions would be great.

  10. Outside spring wedding centerpieces?

    My wedding is April 17th 2010! I want to use gerber daiseys as my flowers but I need some ideas for centerpieces?

  11. im having a small wedding reception of like 12 people at my apartment?

    my question is that i am wondering what im supposed to do with the apartment , like am i supposed to decorate it in anyway? and what kind of things would i do to keep my guests entertained , please help me ! - bride to be -

  12. What's The BEST SEASON To Get Married In?? (Spring/ Summer/ Fall/ Winter)?

    And WHY?? Please give tips on how you'd decorate if you were to use that season. Thanks!! =)

  13. What is needed for a wedding?

    What is needed for.a wedding such as flowers, veil kind of tuxedo ? What's cost how was the experience overall????