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Outdoor Wedding Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Are outdoor weddings more expensive than a church wedding?

    I REALLY REALLY want an outdoor wedding but I am working on a tight budget so I'v chosen to use a church instead. I still have to decorate the church though. Would it be cheaper to stick with the church? Please offer your ideas to get an outdoor wedding decorated on a low budget.

  2. Does anyone have any good decorating ideas for a wedding/reception with a ballroom theme?

    Our wedding will be in mid-November in Ohio. We are going to hold the wedding and reception in the same place--a banquet hall that allows use of the gazebo, natural spring, and the rest of the beautiful outdoor surroundings. Renting this place takes up most of our money. But I still want to feel like a princess at the ball when I step into the room (me and my bridesmaids are in ball dresses, the men are in tuxedos). I need help with decorating ideas that won't break our pockets.

  3. How can I save money toward a wedding and any inexpensive ideas?

    I have been engaged for a long time and want to have a wedding! I want it outdoors, and have some basic ideas. However, we are not financially well-off (nor is either family) and have a hard time saving money. Any ideas how to save, cut costs with photography, reception food, catering, etc. I appreciate any advice. What did you do for your thrifty outdoor wedding?

  4. Is it safe to put dry ice under regular ice to keep the regular ice from melting to quickly at my wedding?

    At my outdoor wedding, I want to set out big metal tubes filled with ice to keep bottles of water cold for the guests. Since my wedding is in June, I know it will be hot (I live in Kansas) and I want to keep the guests cool and the bottles of water. Would it be unhealthy to put dry ice in the bottom of the tubes to help keep the other ice from melting to quickly? Thanks.

  5. how to ideas for round red & white tablecloths w/red, white & pink rose petals?

    Am looking for decorating ideas for a wedding w/48" round outdoor tablecloths - 2 red & 2 white - have red, white and pink rose petals - will glue them on but would like ideas on decorating the tablecloths please...................

  6. What are some affordable white flowers for my Sept. wedding?

    For our outdoor wedding, my main need for flowers will be to decorate the reception tables. I don't think I will be having floral arrangements/ centerpieces. Instead, my flowers will either be floating in bowls, in small arrangements or sitting on the tables. I wanted to use magnolias, but can't get them in season in September and they are way to expensive. Any ideas for affordable flowers in white/off-white? Thank you!

  7. What are some good games/activities for wedding receptions?

    My wedding is in ten months (yea!!) and I am trying to plan a reception. I want both my families and my fiance's families to have a great time! What are some activites or games that would be good for getting people out of their chairs?

  8. how much money should you spend on a wedding & a honeymoon??

    I have GOT to start planning my wedding and honeymoon. but i don't know what i should limit my budget to. i want an outdoor wedding in june with 85 guests. but, i want it to be very pretty and well decorated. I want to have an unforgetable honeymoon, somewhere tropical, but i don't know how much to spend on that either. I want everything to be perfect, but i don't know where to start. Any sugestions???????

  9. What is wedding? What does planning a wedding consist of?

    Basically what does the wedding ceremony consist of. Is planning a wedding pretty much planning the wedding reception or is it planning mostly the wedding ceremony. I'm confused because my friends always talk about the center pieces for the tables and the wedding band. So I pretty much want to know is planning a wedding both the ceremony and reception equally or is it more about one than the other.

  10. How can I make my wedding reception fun and memorable?

    We're having a traditional, romantic ceremony. But I want our guests to have fun during the reception so their memories of it don't blur with every other reception they've ever been to. Do you have any good ideas?

  11. Any ideas for an outdoor wedding in North Ga?

    I want an outdoor wedding, but I don't want a package. I have everything I need minus the location for the ceremony and reception, and I am on a serious budget. So some place technically public so there is little to no cost, but not so public I will have strangers walking/running through the ceremony would be awesome