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Summer Outdoor Wedding Decorating Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What do you think of a winter wedding?

    Me and my fiance are trying to make wedding plans and I have always wanted to get married in summer or early fall like September. That's because I really like to see lots of green and flowers and etc. in weddings and I was thinking about an outdoor wedding! Unfortunately we might have to change plans because of money issues and some other family related things so we might have to have our wedding in like October. What do you guys think about winter/fall weddings? I dont know if i like the idea that much but we might not have any other option.

  2. How to decorate half a ballroom for a wedding ceremony?

    We are planning an outdoor ceremony at our reception venue for September of this year. If it rains, our coordinator said that 1/3 of our reception ballroom can be sectioned off and set up for the ceremony and then transformed back into the reception during cocktail hour. How can I still make it beautiful for the ceremony if it does rain and I have to move it indoors? I need quick decor idea that could be used indoors or out (so I don't waste money) and can also be removed quickly after the ceremony is over.

  3. Having Summer Outdoor Wedding, Need ideas for a smalls budget, Please...?

    I'm Having a July Outdoor Wedding. Any ideas on favors, flowers, decorations, Linens, Food, Etc... That wont blow my small budget? Please Help?

  4. I am looking for ideas for centerpieces at my summer wedding?

    The place i am having the reception at just got new fire code requirements so i can not have the floating candles like i wanted to. So if anyone has any ideas that would appreciated. I am working a small budget also. the colors are baby blue, silver and light purple

  5. Help on decorating the chairs for weddng?

    All I could find to rent for my wedding this summer are white metal folding chairs with white seats. I've not seen the chairs, I don't know if I will before the wedding since I'm renting them from out of town. I'm buying some 1.5" wide ribbon and plan on just wrapping the top of each chair just once and then attaching some decoration on the back where the ends of the ribbon will meet. The ribbon is white, pink and green stripes. Any ideas on how much ribbon per chair would be needed, I'm guessing for an average size folding chair, and what to put for the decoration on the back? Links would be helpful too! Oh and it will be an outdoor wedding next to a waterfall. Thanks!

  6. food\decor ideas for summer indoor\outdoor wedding?

    Anybody have any good ideas for affordable ways to decorate an outdoor wedding venue?We will getting married outside in summer.The venue has a gazebo and a wide cement area for seating.What ideas do you have to make it more charming?Also how whould you decorate a small reception area that only provides tables and chairs?my colors will be purple and silver. I want to provide food for my guests about 40 people any good ideas?we are thinking about just a light lunch but not sure what whould be good to serve.

  7. I need decoration ideas for an outside wedding!?

    I am having a small outside wedding this summer and I cant figure out how to decorate it? I have bought paper lanterns to hang, and I was thinking of maybe white christmas lights? Not really sure, and my colors are white, pink, and black. Also what would be a good idea to have behind us as we say our vows? An arch? I cant think of anything else!

  8. need help planing a summer wedding and reception please help||?

    getting married in august and im having a reception in my backyard ,,i really could use some ideas as far as everything at this point,,i do have 4 daughters and money is tight,,but ,we want a wedding to be nice beautiful and elegant ,,,as far as decorating ideas we are having a pastel colour them ,,so really could use some ideas,,down to setting up to the food buffet ,,please help coming sonn,,

  9. Decorating for outdoor gazebo wedding?

    The colors are light/dark blue, baby pink, and yellow. I haven't decided on flowers. It is a summer wedding next year. We are having the ceremony outdoors at this beautiful gazebo! I have no idea what to decorate it with. Anyone hav any ideas? Thank you Cweaver5.. for actually adding where to get the answer that peaches added. If you going to copy and paste just add the link-- instead of making it look like u wrote it!

  10. I cant decide to have a winter or spring winter wedding....Which one is better?

    I cant decide to have either a winter or spring wedding??? Which months are best?

  11. Wedding color help? (Bridesmaids' dresses?)?

    Planning an outdoor wedding for the summer. We are going with a light yellow theme, but don't want it to be overly yellow. So, we are incorporating a sage green color and a light tan to make it more simple. However, any ideas on what color the bridesmaids' dresses should be? Styles? And, how can we break up the colors without making everything to busy? Thanks so much!

  12. A WEDDING IN IOWA FOR $5000?

    We need helppp?!!?! Cut a long story short, we are already married on paper but are now ready to go ahead with the traditional 'proper' wedding. Can this be done with our $5000 budget? We REALLY want an outdoor wedding (ceremony and reception..) somewhere in his homestate of Iowa. We aren't having ANY luck online trying to find somewhere.. ANYWHERE in iowa! does anyone know of anywhere? or have any ideas for us? We would like to hold our ceremony and reception in the same place. If only we knew someone with a big house and nice lawn! we don't mind what month it is but we were thinking a summer or winter wedding (both times most people are home on holidays already!) we were thinking 50 -75 guests. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2399/1796939587_d4e4f37e31.jpg or http://www.weddingdecoratorblog.com/2008/09/decorating-an-outdoor-wedding-reception/ - are ideas we really like! So.. we are lucky in the sense that our professional friends have offered their services as wedding presents - centrepieces, photography and invitations. (will save alot of money!) We already have rings, My husband will wear his dress blues so we don't have to worry about a tux for him, and neither of us drink so we aren't going to be paying for alcohol (maybe a cash bar?) Any advice you have on EVERYTHING else would be a tremedous help!! thank you =) He is from the Iowa City Area.. but we would be happy with the Quad Cities, or even Des Moines not too much further from there...

  13. Lavender/ Lilac wedding?

    i am having a summer wedding. the colors will be lavender & white does anyone have any ideas on decorations & were i can get cheap bridesmaid dresses? we need ideas for church decor & reception decor

  14. What are some ideas on how to save on my wedding?

    We are looking to spend between $5,000-$6,000 on our wedding and I need some ideas on how to save. Also, if there are any brides in Louisville, KY reading this or areas around there that may have some contacts that provide cheaper services for wedding that would be a big help. I need any advice I can get! We are having an outdoor wedding, with an indoor reception. There is no particular theme unless you include summer wedding lol. There are going to be about 100 guests there and that is mostly family so we can only cut it so much. So far to save money, we have family members helping out a lot. We are having a family member do our cake, groom's cake, and favors for free. We are going to have our families do 2 entrees each, so 2 on my side and 2 on his side making 4 and will probably even that out with providing salad and chips and such ourselves. We are providing 2 entrees ourselves, probably one pasta and one meat and we get a discount through his work on that. My Aunt is doing all of our hair and makeup and I know that she will also be willing to help with decorating as well as my bridesmaids. My maid of honor's sister is going to do all the flowers for me for $200 including the materials. A family friend is going to be our officiant so we don't have to worry about those costs. We also have a family friend doing engagement pictures for us, so we will only have to worry about regular wedding pictures. I'm looking through craigslist for cheaper services on everything. We bought our invitations at Walmart really cheap and my mom is doing the handwriting for them. I want to spend as little as possibly on the dress, but I want something prettier than your everyday dress. A-line. We aren't doing alcohol, which will save us a lot. I'm wanting to find some cheap places to get rental stuff and decorations. I'm already getting vases and candle holders from the dollar store. So, basically, I need ideas mostly outside of that stuff on saving money. I need money saving ideas on gifts for all the family friends who are helping us, possible parents gifts, and our bridal party. I need money saving ideas on dresses, accessories, venue, decorations, rentals, ceremony music, etc. Thanks all!

  15. Anyone have unique ideas on outdoor reception seating?

    I am having an outdoor wedding either early summer or early fall of next year (2011) and I am looking to make it as special as possible on as tight of a budget as possible! haha. I'm considering a hay/straw bale seating with white canvas/cloth over them so it doesn't look cheap. It's a not-so-elegant but still classy, fun yet not cheezy, laid back but not lazy, type wedding. I'm looking for something other than chair and table rental. I considered hay/straw bales for the reception and renting long rectangular tables to make a few long bench/picnick type tables or renting smaller round tables and setting the bales in a square around them, so those ideas aren't out but my concern is either having to buy double the hay (and as a country girl I know that can get expensive BUT my family owns a horse farm so it could be double purposed) for both the ceremony and reception, OR getting someone to move the hay a somewhat good way from the ceremony to the reception site.. it's all on the same property, but the ceremony is up on a hill in a big open pasture and the reception will be up by the house. So my questions- 1. Does anyone have haybale RECEPTION photos..because I only can find ceremony pics? 2. Any ideas OTHER than hay bales for a unique reception seating (or ceremony seating..I'm flexible)? 3. Any takes on my already formed idea? I wouldn't mind renting tables OR chairs, but doing both is looking to get costly. THANKS :)

  16. colors for a fall wedding?

    I'm debating colors again after changing themes :/ its an outdoor ceremony in the fall. Either sepetember or October( not sure yet). which colors would work best? Keep in mind, it is nature theme through out the ceremony and reception. If possible I want to incorporate aqua, but i'm not sure. My other option is sage