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Outdoor Wedding Decorating Tent Questions Answered!

  1. Anyone know of a wedding tent decorator?

    I am planning an outdoor wedding in an area near Scranton, PA. I am looking for someone to decorate the inside of my wedding tent & can't find any locals who do this!

  2. When would the trees and flowers still be in bloom for my wedding?

    I was thinking of either a fall or spring outdoor garden wedding when it wouldn't be too hot or cold out. I would still like the flowers and trees to be in bloom. I was thinking the obvious choice was May but I found out that it is the wettest time of the year here in Louisville Ky. My other choice was october which is the driest but I wasn't sure if any of the flowers and trees would still be in bloom. Would early June or September work? What is your suggestion?

  3. Does anyone know of any parks in Michigan for an outdoor wedding?

    I want to have an outdoor reception. Looking for something like a state park, a barn or just a really pretty area that is outside and would allow a tent to be up all day. Trying to stay local - Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw county. It could be a picnic area (I already have tons of ideas for decorating pavilions, but not something that has a public beach or a playground right by it. Thanks!!

  4. Where are there good places for cheap in hanover pa to have a wedding ceremonies reception?

    me and my husband would like to have our wedding and we are looking for cheap places to do it and pretty places if you know any get back to me thanks

  5. The outdoor wedding reception: Any tips, suggestions, ideas, horror stories, success stories etc?

    I am STILL throwing around ideas for my wedding reception (our families range from being fairly elegant to super casual, which can make it difficult), but I am thinking of sort of an outdoor, picnic/BBQ in a park near a river. Very picturesque. Still, I am worried about cakes melting, bugs, decor, weather, you know the usual. Any tips, suggestions, ideas, horror stories of outdoor weddings, or success stories of outdoor weddings (mostly receptions) that you have heard of?

  6. Is it possible to have a nice wedding and reception for under $5000 in Miami?

    Me and my fiance are looking towards getting married at the end of the year with a budget of 5 grand. I would love to have an outdoor wedding but I am not being picky but I do want a nice reception with a dj and such. I have found nice places to have a ceremony but when it comes to the reception it gets to pricey and i don't want a far commute between the 2 if at all please help thanks :)

  7. Has anyone ever hosted an outdoor reception?

    We are planning on getting married and then coming back home to celebrate. We will invite everyone over to his parent's house. We thought getting married at the beach and then coming home about a week later for the reception would be less stressful for everyone. His parents have a beautiful backyard with a pool. We would like to have the reception bash there. Could someone give me links to a website that could help us with decorations and themes to a poolside reception? I would also love any ideas from someone who has done this before!!

  8. ideas for at backyard outdoor wedding?

    Trying to get an idea for my wedding on August 18th 2007 we want simple a few relatives that are coming are disabled and so our Sunset at The Beach we had to change we've both been married before so at home will be fine to make everyone comfortable we do have a pool in the back so we want to try and plan for 75 but it appears it will be 100 any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Barbara

  9. bay area outdoor wedding locations?

    This is for the "reception" part of the wedding! I'm looking for an estate outdoor location! We're planning to decorate it with a tent and lighting and all that good stuff. We just NEED it to be outside! If you could answer with any comments about the location and please please post the link! Thank you!

  10. unique outdoor fall wedding ideas/reception ideas?

    O.k my best friend is getting married in october outdoors and the reception will be held outdoors I am looking for an unique or amazing ideas for anything involving the wedding/reception including food gift ideas decor wedding theme anything the dresses are navy blue and were planning on using oranges and yellows and red fall colors ..Help!!! I'm decorating and I wnat it to be amazing andtake everyones breathe away

  11. Decorate for an outdoor wedding?

    My sister's wedding, i prepare for the reception in backyard. But i have no experience and im nervous, i need some help.

  12. ..Not into the whole big wedding thing, need advice!?

    I want to get married in another state with just our parents and siblings.Is that a bad idea?? How can I make it memorable and fun ?? Any ideas on location and price?? I just want to be married in a beautifull simple dress ,near someplace nice, and take gorgeouse pictures.Im not into the whole $30,000 wedding.Besides, im not really close with family members..

  13. Outdoor Wedding tent/canopy or picnic?

    I am having an outdoor wedding in Washington state in August. We should be pretty safe from rain but just in case I was thinkin of renting a tent but the venue already has a canopy (free of charge) and I don't want my reception to look or feel like a picnic. Any suggetions?

  14. Planning an outdoor wedding ceremony?

    What all is needed? I'm assuming chairs, a tarp, a sound system. Any ideas? If anyone has had or has been to an outdoor wedding, help would be appreciated! Thanks!