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Fall Outdoor Wedding Decorating Questions Answered!

  1. Color Scheme for Fall Wedding Being Blue, Purple, and Gold?

    I don't want my wedding to be very girly so I thought Blue and Purple would be great with little gold accents mixed in because my bridesmaid dresses will be gold. I'm going to have a outdoor fall wedding and I want to have the trees with the golden orange leaves around, what's your opinion on this? Will the colors look bad together or do you think I can pull it off? Any other suggestions?

  2. My daughter is planning a fall wedding with the ceremony & reception held outdoors. Any wise advise to share?

    I'm looking for good advise & ideas for an outdoor wedding, as well as warnings from those who have suffered mishaps from holding an outdoor wedding event. What did you find that works well, or not well at all that you can share with me. Thanks!

  3. When is the best time of year to have a wedding?

    I live in Louisiana, if this helps. THANKS YALL

  4. If I am planning my wedding myself, would I be the one to set everything up, decorate, etc?

    I don't know how it's supposed to work... I am planning a fall outdoor wedding in the mountains.. it's stressful enough to plan the whole wedding, and I don't know how I would pull off setting everything up for the ceremony, decorating, cooking, setting up for the reception, cleaning up, etc. We are on a very tight budget so i can't afford to hire people to cater, decorate, etc.Typically would I be the one to do all the work, or is it customary for say, my mom or family or bridesmaids to do it for me? I've never been to a wedding that wasn't the traditional church wedding so I don't know what to do. Also, who is supposed to pay for everything? My fiance and I, or am I supposed to ask my mom or dad?

  5. i cant decide...?

    me and my fiance is still planning the wedding, we moved the wedding back to december so we can start saving and start budgeting....but the thing is we cant decide whether to do the ceremony and reception in a hotel or just get married at a church or outdoors and just have the reception at the hotel....i think it would be cheaper that way but if u guys have any suggestions or opinions please let me know so i wont make a screw up....he is down for anything to its like i'm on my own trying to plan the perfect wedding, so please help

  6. Fall Wedding Ideas?

    We've decided to do a fall wedding incorporating all the fall colors (green, red, orange, yellow, brown, gold, and purple). We are having a outdoor wedding and indoor reception. So here goes: *When should we have the wedding? Late September, Early October, Late October, Early November? (I do not want a Halloween wedding nor a wedding any time near Thanksgiving (around Nov. 25) as we're trying to avoid birthdays.) *What would be neat candle ideas? *What time would be beautiful for the wedding? (we are open to serving dinner and we'll have our venue for 5 hours for the wedding and reception) *What kinds of things would be nice as decorations? *What are some neat ways to decorate the outdoor gazebo where the wedding will take place? Pictures are very welcome!

  7. Any advice for an outdoor wedding?

    Hello! I'm planning on getting married next summer and decided to be really budget friendly and have a simple but elegant outdoor wedding. My grandparents live off of a golf course in Oxford, MI and it's a really beautiful place. Lots of trees, my grandparents have a beautiful house, with a finished walk out basement with a bar, pool table, poker table and what not. Their yard is beautifully decorated with a pond as well. But I feel like some people in my family might think it's too tacky and I want them to be impressed and just have a great time! I was wondering if anybody has experience with outdoor weddings and if you could offer any advice whatsoever on decor. Thank you and if you're engaged and soon to be married or even just recently married, CONGRATS! BEST WISHES!!!!!! PS - I can't believe I'm in on a Friday night on YA but I don't care! I've got my bottle of wine and I'm good to go!!!! = ) mJc: I know it could be humid and/or raining. Oh well! We'll have a blast dancing in the rain! = )

  8. Can anyone help me with activities for a fall-festival-themed wedding?

    My fiance and I would like to set up a mini-fall festival to help people kill time between our outdoor wedding ceremony and the indoor reception (about 2 hrs in the beg. of Oct.). We're thinking caricature artists, caramel apple slice dipping, decorating pumpkins with stickers, wedding-themed beanbag toss, plywood cut-outs of faces for a photo-op...so now I have multiple questions: 1. Is this too weird for it to not go over well? 2. Can you give me any general activity suggestions that are entertaining but relatively cheap and fairly easy to put together? 3. Can you give me any ADULT ideas...it's been pretty easy to plan for children, but tough to think of adult-friendly activities... Any help would be REALLY appreciated! I'm excited about it, but having a tough time planning a variety. Thank you! :)

  9. So I cant have my dream wedding because I am gay!?

    It doesnt make sense. I dream of an outdoor wedding. Not really summer or spring, I want it to rain. But so my guests dont get wet, I want to have a giant clear gazbo (is that what they are called?) so we can still see all the rain falling. Not too many flowers (tacky), but enough to decorate. I want a pretty dress, not too long and flowy, something more simple. I cant have this. None of this. Because I am lesbian. I live in California, where we sign a paper to become domestic partners. If I want a real wedding, I have to travel hours away to have a tacky indoor "wedding" that costs $50. I know that I am only 15, but when you were 15, didnt you dream of the perfect wedding? Not even perfect, just pretty and outdoor with family, you know? I am so dissapointed :(

  10. Some wedding questions?

    I just got engaged in May and have started to plan my wedding. We haven't picked an exact date yet, but I know I want to get married in the fall (October) and have an outdoor wedding. We haven't settled on a place but come fall will be taking trips to see what has good views and prices of the places. We are on a budget....kinda tight as we don't make much money. I don't want anything complicated or large. Will only invite immediate family and close friends. My question: Do you think it would be acceptable to ask the guests to pay for the buffet at the reception? I'm not asking for gifts or money (tho it's always welcome) but I'm feeling guilty that I should ask for them to pay. The place I was thinking of charges $26.50 pp for a wonderful buffet. Doesn't seem like a lot, but in hard times like these.... My question is...do you think it's acceptable to have guests reserve a spot and pay for their own meal or should I budget this into my expense? (*grimace*) I try to think of it form my own perspective....while a free meal would be awesome I'd be more than willing to help out for a friend or family member who wants to get married on a budget in any way I can. Also...do you have any budgeting tips to help a girl out? Thanks in advance! My fiance doesn't want to get married in a public park...I've already tried that. My family loves to cook and I was thinking of having them cater my wedding. Would that be acceptable? Wow....everyone is acting like the gift and money are the issue. I just meant to say that anyone who comes without a gift that's fine. I'm not expecting it. I said before I don't want a "big" wedding. I want something simple, but do want a dinner/lunch. at least something to nibble on for a reception.