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Simple Outdoor Wedding Decorating Questions Answered!

  1. How are you decorating the aisle for your wedding?

    I am having an outdoor ceremony next month (indoor reception) and I am trying to figure out if I want to add anything to my aisle decorations. It's very simple so far...white chairs plain, brown vases by each chair with a citronella candle inside and petals around them lining the aisle. White pillars where we will be standing. My colors are cream, tan, chocolate brown and shades of yellow. I wanted to do paper lanterns hanging from the trees but they are all too tall lol. Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. How are beach weddings like? Can you guys tell me what people do at beach weddings?

    Im getting married in 8 months and i need to start planning! how should i start planning my beach wedding? What do people do at the weddings? what are some things needed for a wedding? Please help?

  3. My fiance and I are on a VERY strict wedding budget, any suggestions to have a nice but inexpensive wedding?

    My fiance and I just bought a house so money is tight. We are trying to plan our wedding for this year or spring of next year (April) but I am finding it difficult to find venues or come up with ideas that aren't cheesy and are cost effective. Our budget is $5,000 max and we will have approximately 60 - 100 people. Any suggestions for a nice, simple, inexpensive wedding that isn't cheesy? We live in Ontario, in the GTA.

  4. what are some cute wedding ideas with the rustic theme?

    I am wanting a rustic feel. We are having a country/outdoor wedding. I want somthing to do with mason jars becasue they are easy to decorate and less costly. Any good i deas or pics please let me know!!

  5. I need ideas on how to decorate a pickup and a 20ft flatbed trailer for the wedding party..?

    the wedding will be Balck and White and silver. I have to have it so the whole wedding party fits. The wedding party will be 25. All ideas are greatly welcomed. Thank you for your time.

  6. Any good ideas for an outdoor/country wedding?

    I am having my outdoor wedding next May in my Grandpa's apple orchard, and the reception is going to be in the field below. I am interested in any old fashion, country ideas to decorate with. I want the guests to be semi-casual so they can enjoy themselves and be in a welcoming atmosphere.

  7. Can anyone recommend a beautiful hotel to have my small wedding in Amalfi Coast towns (Italy)?

    I am looking for an amazing hotel that has someone there I can contact to help plan my very small wedding. I want amazing views, rooms with balcony, and a scenic, overlooking coastline place outside to wed. Any recommendations? I have been looking in Positano and Ravello (though Ravello seems so far from coastline).

  8. How to throw a nice but cheap wedding??

    I have actually been married for 4 years but we never really had a wedding. I want to renew next year and I want it to be special and intimate for our families but we are trying to save money for a house. Any suggestions? He also does not want to do it just yet because he just got a new job and does not want to spend anything! How do I talk to him and tell him my ideas without him just shutting me down before I even open my mouth (which has already happened)? Thanks for the help.

  9. I've always dreamed of a wedding on the beach, ne ideas how i can pull this off?

    I would like a private wedding on the beach and expect to invite alot of people idk how to pull this off any ideas