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Wedding Card Design Software Questions Answered!

  1. How to design a Wedding invitation card. I mean which software is best for designing ?

    Is it possible to design with Ms office or I should use Photoshop software. ThankU.

  2. Can I put thick, fancy paper used in wedding invitations in my home printer and print the invitations myself?

    I'm doing wedding invitations for a friend who is getting married later this year. I used a wedding invitation software to create a wonderful design. (It's much more original and fun than buying designs from a store.) We also bought those blank invitation packages (card+envelope+response card). But neither I nor my friend knows whether we can use that paper in my home printer etc. How do we do it? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but we'll really appreciate your help. Thank you!

  3. How do print my own wedding invitations?

    I decided for my wedding that I want to print my own invitations and I need help. Also, I want to mention that I did buy some invites at Michael's. Can someone help with suggesting a good printing software.

  4. where can i design custom wedding invitations and get them printed?

    I want to design a custom wedding invitation and have a company print them for me.. i will need at least 300.... i want them to be like greeting card... what program would i use to design it? is there anything on line that could help me with this?

  5. Do you need to have a lot of graphic design experience to design your own wedding invitations?

    I am pretty computer savvy and super creative. My family owns a banquet hall and I want to enhance our business by designing my own invites and place cards. What materials do I need? What kind of desktop publishing software is good for this kind of project? Can I use a standard printer? How do you get those matching colored envelopes? As you can see I need you to be as detailed as possible! Thanks...

  6. I'm looking for a beach pail and/or beach shovel cricut cartridge, oe die cut. Where can I find these?

    I am planning a summer wedding and was hoping to do either design/shape for escort cards.

  7. Where I can find a free software program to design wedding invites?

    I am going to print my own invites on my home computer to save some $ and need a software program to design them... any tips?? Thanks!! ALso, woul dlike tips on how to have a cheap yet yummy late september reception- at about 5 pm... thank you!

  8. For valentines day I wanna get my boyfriend a present a day starting on feb. 1st but I need a couple ideas?

    Can anyone help I would really appriciate it I dnt want it to just be card and chocolate thanks :)

  9. Requirements for sending something as a postcard?

    For my wedding invitations I want to do response card postcards. I thought I could save some money by just using cut card stock or heavy paper and printing them out myself. However I am not sure what the paper size/weight or texture requirements are for a postcard. Does anyone know? I don't want to send cards to small or paper to light weight that they cannot be sent through the mail without an envelope.

  10. How do i make a living out of Photography ?

    does photography pay well ? Which type pays the best ? Also how would I make a living out of it ?

  11. How should i try to get known for my photography?

    How should i try to get known for my photography so i can make some money? Im not just doing it for the money. i want to show my photography but all at the same time make money. i want to express my artistic tallent and show how i feel and my imagination and show i work for what i want which is to be recognized as an artist and not as some kid who takes pictures.

  12. Best software to make a slide show?

    I want to make a video. I want to put pictures with effects and transitions, music in background and also add video clips in between. What software is best?

  13. do i have to go to college to become a photographer?

    I want to become a professional photographer, but i dont have money for college. Do i HAVE to go to college to live out my dream?

  14. Starting up a new business...no idea where to start!?

    I want to start up a new small business designing birthday invitations, wedding invitations, wedding place cards, birth announcements etc but really have no idea where to start! What type of software do i need to buy? How do i set up a website? How do i know how much to charge people? What do i need to know about tax etc? The only thing i have ready is my designs and head full of great ideas!! Thanks for your help :-)

  15. Internet Cafe Owners : What complementary business can co-exits ?

    Greetings ! I have a Business Center besides a 25 PC internet cafe. What products / services do you think I should offer to complement ( not compete ) with the internet cafe. Note : The internet cafe besides my shop is primarily on computer games / friendster / chatting. Also does printing on small scale ( few pages only ). Thank you.

  16. How to make Greeting Cards?

    I am 13, and I really like Greeting Cards, they look fun to make. I was thinking about making Greeting Cards and selling them, like have them hand made or make them on a software program (what type of software program do people use for making greeting cards????) So how do you make greeting cards and are they fun to make?