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Unique And Modern Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some creative ideas for a 3rd year wedding anniversary on a budget?

    Obviously I know about candle lit dinner and other typical ideas, but what are some UNIQUE ideas for a couple who doesn't have any money to spend (maybe a few dollars) for their thrid year married (we are leaving the baby with someone that night). THANKS!

  2. How do I handle divorced parents on a wedding program?

    My fiancé's parents are both divorced and remarried. Idk how to put both of the stepparents in the wedding program his mom and stepdad: Erin & Kevin Hoffmaster his dad and stepdad: Charlie & Bev Waugh The thing is though when he was around 2 when his mom remarried, she legally changed his last name to Hoffmaster so, idk...ik his dad should be concluded, it's just complicated. Any ideas of what to do?

  3. what do you think of a black and white wedding?

    I've always wanted my wedding colors to be black and white but am worried that people will think its sort of funeral-ish. Ive been thinking about having charcoal grey or some other shade of grey with it. I just think it looks very modern and unique, what do you think?

  4. What would be the best the 10 th wedding anniversary gift?

    My wife is 33 yo. I have time until May the 2 nd but still no idea :)

  5. How did Aaron Copland's music create the American Sound?

    Aaron Copland's music has often been identified as the sound of America and one of the first composers to develop a unique "American Sound". What were some ways he created this unique sound?

  6. When is it appropriate to use all lower case letters on wedding invitations? ?

    I'm having my invitations custom designed and the graphic designer is using all lower case letters on proofs(in cursive lettering) except for our names on the proofs(print letters), and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It doesn't bother me, but at the same time, I do not want the guests to think that it's a mistake. I've seen a lot of these lately. Any thoughts?

  7. Have you read the book "My Autobiography" by Charles Chaplin ? How much did you like it ?

    I have read some reviews abt this book on the net and they are good. I was thinking of buying a copy ! Do you all have any idea about its price in US $ ?

  8. help with wedding favors for small group of guests?

    What are some unique and modern wedding favors? I need some creative ideas please, I have only 20-25 ppl at my wedding so I want to give them something special, probably put a few items in a gift bag.. I have guests on their 60's and 30's..so I dont know what to get them so everyone will be happy :) and I want some good quality items too :) thanks

  9. How to have a Christian/Pagan wedding?

    I am pagan and my fiancee is christian. We are going to exchange vows in 5 months and I would like suggestions on how I could maybe tie in some pagan rituals into this more so christian wedding ceremony. My family is also christian so it would need to be very subtle, not to make them uncomfortable. Any RESPECTFUL suggestions or ideas? :) Thanks!

  10. 1 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for Hubby?

    Hiya, it's our first anniversary in a couple months and I want to get something traditional (ie 1st anniversary = paper) but something modern but unique!! Any ideas of a traditional gift with a twist that I can buy my husband? Thanks :)

  11. what are some modern baby shower ideas?

    my friends are throwing me a shower & asked me for some ideas. i have been to a few where they measure the moms belly with toilet paper and have cake with a little baby and carriage. this seems boring and repetitive to me. i want to have a more modern one that everyone will remember. what are some ideas of unique or modern things you have seen or heard of from a baby shower?? **10 point** thanks for your help!

  12. What are good wedding colors for August?

    I really want purple, but I don't think it's a very Summer-y color. My fiancee really likes blue and brown, but I think a lot of people do those colors. Give me some ideas! Would purple and brown be awful?

  13. What would be your ideal wedding stationery?

    Would you go for traditional, modern, humorous, or maybe something unique? Do you have an idea what your ideal wedding stationery would look like? I would love ivory and chocolate with white roses on and chocolate coloured ribbon. It would look elegant and luxurious. How about you? The colour scheme is one I've designed myself because I am making it myself. I'm hoping to use white roses printed on ivory card with chocolate organza ribbon, with matching inserts on ivory paper. I was interested in any other ideas just in case they inspired me to something more appealing.

  14. good, inexpensive educational places to go around dfw area?

    we just moved here not long ago, so i'm not sure whats around here. my best friend and her fiance are coming and we are all really into museum type/educational/yet fun stuff...we will have to bring our 1 yr old with us though. any free/cheap ideas for us?