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Creative Modern Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What did you get your husband for your 1 yr wedding anniversary?

    i would like to do something meaningful and something he can keep for years to come you know? our wedding anniversary 12-15-07 any ideas?

  2. My friend asked me to take pics at her wedding, where do I begin?

    I am an aspiring photographer and my best friend is getting married in October. I know a bit about photography and I am actually investing in a new camera (possibly a Canon Rebel??). I want to take the best pics that I can for her. I am also doing the bridal shoot in September. Does anyone know any websites that are specifically wedding photography help? I really need like an "Idiots guide" or "... for Dummies" Thanks so much The thing is.. that its her third marriage. Shes not going all traditional. Shes actually getting married before hand via justice of the peace and just having the entire ceremony done by friends. We are all taking part in her happy day. She said that it would mean the world for me to take the pictures. She doesnt expect for them to be professional. She is actually expecting snapshots. I just want to surprise her with better ones

  3. What do I buy my husband on our 12th wedding anniversary?

    Our anniversary is on Janurary 10th. He is a technology/computer freak. He already has so many toys that are connected to tech/computers. I am at a loss on what to get him. I would love to hear ideas, but if you are not serious don't bother. Thanks

  4. What is a good amount to pay for photographer?

    I told my bride that I would rather have extra $$ to be put toward new house stuff or honeymoon. She was thinking like $3000 which included some albums + pics. Too much?

  5. How to start out in photography?

    Im 14 years old and I want to pursue photography as my career in life. I have a Nikon D5100 . Ive had it for about three months and I think I take pretty good pictures. Im still pretty amateur . I want to be my schools photographer but a other girl is our photographer and she has the same camera as me. I personally think I take better pictures then her. How do I start going into this career?

  6. one year wedding anniversary gift ideas?

    Kinda stumped on this one. Not sure how big to go on this..Anyone who has had experience with this, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Does anyone have any creative ideas for a 1940's themed wedding reception?

    I'm looking for creative ideas to decorate my hall in a "Hollywood Glamour" 1940's theme. I am on a budget so the less expensive the better, but any ideas would be greatly apprieciated. I have searched the web high and low, but have only come up with a handful of decorating ideas. Any help would be wonderful!!!

  8. how can i create a disney themed wedding?

    I really want something casual, simple, affordable and really fun!.. And i need detailed ideas about centerpieces and the whole deal..thanks!

  9. I need a creative idea for wedding programs?

    I am getting married in a few months and I like to be creative and do things a little different, but not too far-fetched...a mix of traditional and modern. I need a creative idea for how to do programs for my wedding and I'm drawing a blank...any suggestions?

  10. I am looking for original wedding ideas?

    I am looking for really original things to do at the wedding that will make everyone remember it for it originality.

  11. Ladies, any ideas for what dress to wear to a huge wedding reception?

    I'm looking for something that isn't too expensive, but classy. And something knee length. Thankss:) Something around $80-$100.