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Fall Modern Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Anyone have any music suggestions for modern wedding music?

    I'm a church organist/pianist, employed by an Episcopal church, and have been commissioned to play a wedding this fall. The conundrum I have is that the bride and groom want only modern music, no hymns at all, for the entire service, as well as before and after. The groom is a fan of classic rock, and also said to think in the spirit of Coldplay ballads, which would be helpful if I listened to them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I need help brainstorming modern songs to sing at my school concert?

    We have an amazing concert every year at my school and this year i want to do another solo for it. We do a mix of modern, jazz and broadway songs for our group numbers but for solos i would like to keep it modern. Im thinking anything along the lines of Turning tables-adele, Glitter in the air-Pink I'll follow you into the dark-death cab for cutie. If you have any ideas for songs simmilar to these please let me know!

  3. Jesus was called mad and demon possessed at seperate times so there must have been a distinction then. What is?

    distinction in the modern day mentally ill. They called some mad and some demon possessed, how do we know which is which?

  4. I need an idea for writing a story for school, please help?

    It has to be about how someone Left the window open, and then the birds on the wallpaper fell off the wall, and came to life. But I don't want it to be a stupid fantasy magical story, I want it to be a horror story, like scary! :) thanks!

  5. how much does it cost to have a nice wedding-from the most frugal planning estimate to a more moderate wedding?

    i have never planned one or helped anyone so i have no idea what i am in for. our date is for next mid october. I would like any advice as when should i start planning it, how much money do i need to have saved, how much time do i need to put it in. thanks so much for any help! i am a clueless bride to be and also kinda poor, lol

  6. We are looking for some bouncy/party songs for our wedding?

    Can you give us any song ideas for our wedding? We want some bouncy music like Shakira Hips Dont Lie or Beyonce Single Ladies.. Songs which make people get up and dance! Thanks for your suggestions in advance!

  7. Need help picking wedding colors please?

    We want to have a minimalist urban modern wedding. We are getting married in a downtown loft in the fall. Any help?

  8. In a modern-day Tess of the d'Urbervilles - what could be Tess' secret that she ends up confessing?

    I am writing a comtemporary story for coursework, and I was just wondering if anyone could help. I was thinking of her having HIV (as its something thats beyond her control, places her as the victim and could potentially harm the perfect relationship). Do you have any other ideas? I'd be really grateful, thank you

  9. What are good Korean Drama shows to watch?

    I watched boys over flowers and thats when i started LOVING korean shows. I then looked on the internet to find good korean shows and i watched dream high that was ok. I just want to see if there is any GOOD korean show like boys over flowers that would just swipe me off my feet (: Please describe them and rate them 1-10 Thank you(:

  10. I'd like to write a story but can't think of any good ideas?

    I'd like to write about the nephilim (fallen angel) mythology but every idea I come up with sounds like the Mortal Instruments or Hush Hush. And I'd hate to sound like I'm trying to steal ideas. It's just that that mythology really interests me. Can anyone help me come up with a more original idea?

  11. I am looking for a champagne or ivory color wedding dress, any recommendations?

    It will be a winter wedding. I want something not to inexpensive but not too expensive. I dont like puffy dresses, I do like the modern look type. Yes, real silk. Please help. All comments will be helpful thanks!