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Ultra Modern Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Did you make your own wedding vow when you got married or did you repeat all the traditional words?

    We made our own when we got married. I'm Agnostic, so there was no God in it. And we didn't say "til death do us part," I didn't want to leave killing each other as the only option if we ever wanted to go separate ways--which is a good thing cuz we're divorced now. Did you make your own? If you didn't, did you agree with everything it said?

  2. anyone know any good places to visit in Athens besides the acropolis?

    im goin to Athens greece this month to attend my cousins wedding so i jus wanna know some good places to visit so i dont get bored plz dont tell bout the riots i know about them but i have plenty of family there so they know the safer areas

  3. Looking for ideas for a wedding theme?

    Hi. My gilrs will be in yellow and we are getting at a country club. Any ideas for a theme? Thanks!

  4. Okay, looking for some wedding help?

    I'm in Toronto, getting married next May/June. I'm looking for a list of some of the coolest venues and coolest bands. Venues like 99 Sudbury and Bands like The Dave Murphy Band. Anyone have any other ideas?? We have about 220 guests, trying to get it unique and fun, not pretentious and boring.

  5. W Hotel in Hoboken Wedding....?

    I have a friend who is thinking of having their wedding at the W hotel in Hoboken...my question is...has anyone gone to a wedding there or even had their wedding there. How were the prices if you don't mind me asking. I'm guessing it is pricy but how much is it per plate. Do they have the food there or is it like a package deal? how do they work? My friend hasn't had time to go there and i've been stuck at work but before booking anything i just wanted to know what people thought or think about it...thank you =]

  6. Help.Need a sleek, loft like off beat venue for my wedding this June in Chicago.?

    I've been to many sites for galleries, museums, empty lofts, some restaurants, etc. I'm looking to spend no more than 2500 for the space alone. Must be downtown. I hate banquet/cathedral stuffy places. Any off beat ideas? Right now my front runners are Terzo Piano(terrace) http://www.artic.edu/aic/aboutus/event_planning/pdfs/terzo.pdf , and Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies (10th floor Landmark Room).