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Mid Century Modern Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What is the length of a generation in terms of years?

    Is there any difference between how long a generation is in terms of the Bible and how long a generation is in present-day parlance?

  2. Where did marriage originate?

    I want to konw who came up with this idea, cause after being married for over 7 years,,,,, this kind of sucks!!!

  3. Luckenbooth tattoo ideas?

    Okay so, I've been thinking a lot lately about whether or not I would want a tattoo. I've come to a decision that I would want one, but only something that has a meaning. For me, being Irish and very proud of it, I wanted something that has to do with a symbol. I came across the Luckenbooth symbol. Apparently it means love and royalty. The problem is.. i don't know where to get it, or if the meaning and the symbol i want is legitimate. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Here is the link of the kind of symbol i want: http://media.photobucket.com/image/luckenbooth%20tattoo/porcelain_bride/luckenbooth-1.jpg