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Unique Fall Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Wedding planning ideas needed for Burgundy and Gold Theme?

    Finally decided on Fall wedding and our colors will be Burgundy and Gold (touches of gold) Now we need help with ideas to complete the planning process. Small wedding. Burgundy dresses with gold sash for bridal party. Black suits for guys. The more help with planning the better. My wedding gown will be white with bits of gold. We are going to add white to colors.

  2. What are some unique items for a FALL theme wedding you have seen?

    I'm having a "Fall" theme wedding. Please share your ideas i'm writing a list of things to get or create. Thank You!

  3. What are some good wedding favor ideas?

    My cousin is getting married this fall and we're looking for some wedding favor ideas. There isn't really a set theme to the wedding, she just wants something unique, and fun!

  4. What are some fun, and affordable ideas for a fall wedding reception?

    I am looking for some ideas for activities to do during our wedding reception in October. I know we will have the dollar dance. But I am searching for unique ideas. Something (other then Karoke) almost all guests young and old can have fun with. I saw this portable photo booth but that is way too expensive. But I want something thats memorable. Please Help!

  5. What are some unique places to get married in the Phx/Scottsdale area?

    I am getting married in Fall of 09 and am looking into some good places to get married. We would really like somethng unique and interesting, not the typical Scottsdale resort wedding. Looking for somethng with character. I looked at Wrigley Mansion, but it is a little out of our price range. Any ideas? Thanks!

  6. Where shall my fiancee and I go for our wedding/honeymoon?

    We already know we want a destination wedding/honeymoon. We are planning something tropical such as the Caribbean. In the past we've been to St. Lucia at an all inclusive, we've been to Cay Caulker Belize. I'm looking for any suggestions/reasons/stories of places people may have to share. Feel free to expand and don't hold back. We're 27 and 31 years old. Like to party a bit, but also love relaxing. Like some adventure, but still wanna chill. Love live music and great food! Thanks.

  7. What are good alcoholic punch ideas for a casual wedding reception?

    We are having a casual wedding reception one month after our destination wedding. For our reception, we are having barbeque catered for the dinner, having kegs, and would like to have some sort of alcoholic punch (for people who don't drink beer). Does anyone have any neat ideas for good, and simple, punch that people would enjoy. I'd also appreciate unique serving ideas. Also, what do you think of the bride wearing her dress again for the reception? Some thing I MUST wear it, and others think it doesn't really matter. Thanks!

  8. Does anyone have an alternative to a unity candle at a wedding ceremony?

    I'm getting married in June and am looking for a unique idea besides a unity candle for the ceremony. My fiance is Vietnamese and I would like to include a tradition, or come up with something unique of our own. We are getting married by a friend who was ordained under a tent by the lake, so we don't have any religious restrictions. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

  9. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can have a wedding reception within a 50 mile radius of Skowhegan Maine?

    I am looking for something that is relatively cheap and preferably that we can cater ourselves. Its going to be in the fall of next year. I would really like to have it somewhere unique, but that’s not too expensive. Any ideas would be helpful! Thanks!

  10. Wish my Fiance and I Did More Fun Things Together?

    My fiance and I have been together for 3 1/2 years. We love each other dearly but lately I feel like we don't do fun things anymore. Money has been a little tight lately since we are preparing to move into our first apartment next month, and we have started some wedding planning. Any ideas on some fun, unique activities that he and I can do together that do not involve spending too much money. Please don't mention sex either.

  11. Outdoor wedding ideas, anyone?

    I am planning on a fall outdoor wedding with a gazebo. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can make it look gorgeous?

  12. What is a unique way to wrap a present?

    I'd like to find a unique and different way to wrap a wedding present for a couple who is having a wedding this fall. What types of materials would be neat, any decorating ideas that you have done that the bride and groom just loved? Thanks for your help. Are there any websites or books that you would recommend for techniques and unique ways to wrap? Or even places where you can get the supplies at? Thanks!

  13. What do I get my husband for our 3rd year anniversary?

    I want to get my husband something really special and thoughtful. We have had a rough year together and things are finally getting good and falling back into place. I want him to know how much I care besides all the things I tell him...Any ideas?

  14. How can I work pine cones or acorns into my wedding bouquet/centerpieces?

    I'm probably having a summer wedding. I really love acorns and pine cones and I'd love to be able to use them in my bouquets, or in my centerpieces or favors, I'm just not sure how. Any ideas? =)

  15. How to cut down wedding costs?

    We basically have $4000 to spend on our wedding with a guest list of just over a hundred people. The caterer, ceremony site, and reception site together costs $2700. My dress is already paid for. Where do I spend the rest??

  16. Why Do people throw rose petals for wedding?

    My wedding is in Oct. and i thought about having the flower girl throw fall leaves but i don't know if it will look right bc weddings i've been to have rose petals.

  17. What are some creative jobs a teenager can do?

    I'm going to college this fall and I'm trying to get a second job this summer to save up for my college spendings and all that. I already have a job as a hostess so now I'm looking for a cool/creative second job. I don't want the typical sales associates (done that)...What are some jobs you think I can look for that will give me a decent amount of money and that are also unique and fun?