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Cheap Fall Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are good colors to use for an October wedding?

    I just got engaged and we have a set date October 5, 2010. I love fall weather and the colors of the leaves and I really think it would be good to incorporate those colors in the wedding. But I do like the black and white (with red roses) color skim because it's simple and easy, but boring. So, I would just like some ideas on what colors would make my wedding pop and take the focus of of how cheap it is! P.S. What would be a good flowers for a fall wedding?

  2. What are some untraditional wedding ideas?

    Me and my to be fiance have been discussing that we dont to spend heaps of money on a wedding as we both find that tis a bit corny I would like a park or gardens or something but yet with style and romance. He doesnt.. Does anyone have anyideas about any cheap but can be fancy wedding ideas or places we have no idea really thanx xx

  3. What are some cheap wedding ideas for a fall wedding in Oct. when money is tight?

    We live in Ohio and an outside wedding in Oct. isn't an option. What are some cheap things we can do? Money is very tight and would love to have a traditional wedding in a building with a reception with dancing and a DJ. Any ideas? Also how much money do you think it would cost. We were thinking of having like hot dogs, cheeseburgers, chicken, cheese, pickles. ect. And cupcakes instead of cake. Thanks for any ideas!

  4. What party favor should I give out for my sister's wedding shower?

    I'm hosting my sister's wedding shower and I'm stumped on what to give out as favors to the party guests. My sister is having a fall themed wedding and she adores western decor and I want to incorporate both of those into the shower. So really, I want to know if anyone has any ideas on how to pull this off and do it as cheap as possible. Thanks in advance!!

  5. What could I use for wedding favors?

    I am have a fall country wedding outside a barn. I need some ideas of what I could use for favors. Something cheap since I have a very tight budget. Any any ideas for some diy invites?

  6. What kind of cheap food to serve at a wedding?

    i need cheap ideas for finger food type of food for my reception also i will be making it myself any recipes will help thanks in advance

  7. How can I throw an amazing wedding at a good price?

    My fiance and I wanted to plan a wedding for sometime at the end of next year. After calculating prices, we realized that we are way out our price range. What are some things I can do to eliminate costs? What did some of you do for your wedding? How much did you end up spending? Whats an average price.

  8. What flowers are available for a fall wedding?

    I have been preparing for a summer wedding all year but now I will not be able to have my wedding until late October, early November 2007 because I can't get my fiance here until then because of visa technicalities. I was wondering what kinds of plants and flowers are available for that time of year? I know florists can get you just about anything but I am working with a smaller budget and was thinking about buying potted plants and flowers from a nursery to add greenery and color. The wedding will be outside so I need some plants to liven up our garden that will be mostly dormant by that time. This has been very last minute news and I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?

  9. What to put in eiffel tower vases for our centerpieces?

    Long story short the man went out and bought these tall thin vases called eiffeil tower vases and now i have no idea what to do with them. Needs to be cheap but classy, and for a fall wedding. THanks

  10. Venues for weddings in blue ridge mountains?

    I am looking for a simple venue located in the high country. The only two things I need in this venue is a clear view of the mountains and that it be relatively cheap. I don't need a fancy venue; as much as I love the Grove Park Inn and the Biltmore, I simply can't afford it. Maybe a park or something? Any ideas? This will be a fall wedding. I think I'll have maybe 100 people and looking to spend $1,000 or less on the venue. Thanks!

  11. What are some easy ways to cut wedding costs but still be elegant and traditional?

    My boyfriend and I want a traditional classy wedding but are young and don't have much extra money to spare. We are very family oriented and have large families too. I was wondering if anybody had some good tips to cut costs. Thanks! I am not willing to go small on the photography because i am a photographer and I am very picky in that area. His aunt is a caterer so the food is covered. We've figured it all up @ about $6,000 but cheaper would be better and nice.

  12. Wedding appetizer ideas?

    I am having a late reception (6-9pm) after my fall wedding and serving only appetizers. What are some good, cheap and filling appetizer ideas? I don't plan on recieving $100 gifts, I just want to share my wedding day with my family, both the groom and I are in college and have to pay for the wedding on our own so unfortunatly having a buffet isn't an option.

  13. What are some good video cameras I should look into for work and college?

    I'm heading out to San Francisco State University this fall and do my best to become a film director. I never really had any real hd video cameras or anything so don't know what I'm really loong for. I'm hoping I can get a really good reliable one for somewhere around $1,200.00? Also trying to use this camera for weddings and such for work. Any suggestions or tips of how to pick good ones?

  14. What are some helpful tips/hints/ideas for doing a wedding on a budget?

    We've tentatively set the date for October 2012, and we're trying to save up as best we can, but right now we're still in school and he will be going on to grad school next fall so money is tight. I've found the perfect dress (for under $200!), but how on earth do we make the rest of the plans, buy the rest of the supplies, on a very limited budget?