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Martha Stewart Fall Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. why do they put wire in flowers for bouquets?

    I was watching a Martha Stewart Wedding Ideas DVD and she said you should put wires in flowers with thicker stems...any one know why?

  2. I just got engaged and we want to have a Fall wedding around Halloween next year.?

    Does anyone know of any good sites to get some ideas for Fall/Halloween wedding ideas? Or is there any sites where I can get magazines with this type of wedding ideas in it? Thanks a lot!

  3. how can I decorate for my wedding with Disney and Fall?

    My fiance and I are getting married in the fall. We are from the country and we want to have a country wedding. Our themes are Fall, Country, and Disney(he proposed at my favorite place Magic Kingdom in Disney World at the castle). Any ideas for decorating?

  4. I am looking for ideas for a small diy wedding on a tight budget in october?

    late afternoon,on halloween or the weeekend of,inexspensive but elegantoutdoor and indoor suggestions,foods ,decorations,any ideas are welcome

  5. Can anyone give me ideas on a fall wedding?

    My fiance and I decided on a fall wedding because of the beautiful foilage we can take advantage of since our ceremony is outside. However, I am not a huge fan of the oranges and reds as a theme for my indoor reception. And I certainly don't want a bunch of pumpkins and cornucopias! Does this even matter??? Does anyone have any ideas for me? I don't want my reception to look completely out of place with the season. Yeah we are definitely having in the fall. I need RECEPTION ideas.

  6. Having a commitment ceremony in 6 months?

    Me and my girlfriend are having a commitment ceremony Oct 3 this year and we haven't got anything planned yet we are deciding on the colors but we don't know. What colors would be good for a fall ceremony? Also what else should we do now

  7. Bridal shower ideas and personal touches?

    The color scheme is orange and green. Please give ideas for -Centerpieces -Favors -Creative food ideas -Games -Personal touches -Anything that is unique! Please be as detailed as possible! Thank you!!

  8. Ideas for a fall wedding?

    My fiance and I are getting married in October and I need ideas for a fall wedding.. Were wanting a classy wedding as opposed to the redneck wedding. I've thought about the barn orn a beautiful old house and having gerber daisies or sunflowers as centerpieces and my boquet. Just wondering if anyone has had a fall wedding along the same lines or planned one?

  9. Fall wedding ideas...?

    I'm looking for some inexpensive fall weding ideas. The colors are burgandy and gold.

  10. Ideas for a fall wedding?

    My fiance and I are trying to keep it cheap, but not cheesey cheap. I need some creative ideas with things I can do at home to make favors, and decor. I came up with the ideas of pouring my own candles or soaps, or making candied apples ( got that idea from martha stewart), and help would be appreciate thanks!

  11. What do you do during the Fall season?

    Name as many things you can think of! The person with the most things/activities will recieve the best answer!!!!!

  12. wedding ceremony?

    i am trying to figure out songs for bridal, attendant processional, and the recessional. Please, anyone have any good ideas?

  13. fall/country wedding ideas?

    getting married 11-1-08 and its an outdoor country theme, i'm goning to be using pumpkins, do you think it would be ok to throw in a few apples or would be that be a little much? we really dont want it to be too much like thanksgiving but still have a autunm feel to it. also need some ideas with what to do with the pumpkins and center pieces.. thanks in advance!!

  14. Some help with my wedding cake dilema please!?

    Hi, I'm getting married in September this year, and my Step mother said they were going to take care of the wedding cake for us. I was very greatful at first, and then she started to talk to us about all the crazy ideas she has about our cake! She wants it to be "cheap" so she thought she'd ask at the grocery store first, and then she even threw out the idea of a butter tart cake OMG! She told us not to worry about the cake, so we don't even get to pick it out! I wondered if this idea would be ok. I thought I'd find the cake I want, and then tell her I found the perfect cake, and that SHE doesnt need to worry about it any more.. I know she's only trying to help, and I appreciate that! but I really don't like not knowing what I'm going to be getting. Do you think that would be rude? Could you please help me find a polite way of telling her that I don't want her to get the cake? maybe if she's willing to put the money she was going to spend toward it, but I'm not going to ask for it.

  15. Pink, Ivory and Gold wedding?

    Thinking pink dresses with gold sashes for bridal party. Not sure which color pink for an October Wedding. Need any ideas including which invitations would go good. It is an Angel Theme. My fiance is the one who picked pink and I mentioned Gold. He liked it. He does not like green, purple, brown. He does like royal or navy blue and burgundy. There is not much colors left to decide on. We want pink and gold unless someone could make a better suggestion.

  16. Outdoor wedding next October at my parents house on a budget-around 50 guests-any tips, ideas, advice?

    My parents have a beautiful backyard with a pond and waterfall, gazebo, etc, so since I can remember, I've wanted my wedding AND reception to be here. We'll get married behind the pool just before sunset, and then head up to the backyard for the first dance, reception, and all that. We're having a buffet and I've sold my fiance on the idea of a 'world buffet' (lol, I made up the name-maybe international buffet would be better)-we'll have some Chinese, some Italian, some Mexican, etc. Dessert will be a small 3 tier cake, candy buffet (because I saw a gorgeous pic online of all different colored candies in clear vases-all shapes and sizes-like in one vase it'd be all orange M&Ms, another would be all redhots, another would be all yellow gumdrops, and so on), and we'd also have some other desserts to choose from, like a cupcake tree, cookies, or whatever. Dessert will be in the gazebo, all lit up with Christmas lights. Christmas lights will be EVERYWHERE, on trees, the decks, and the tree house. I have aa 4 1/2 year old daughter, and we're expecting a baby in November, plus we both have 2 nephews each, so kids are a BIG part of this wedding. I love the idea of lighting the treehouse up with Christmas lights, and after dinner, they can play-the sandboxes will be covered, though, lol, because they'll still be in their nice clothes. We'll have an open bar, and I'm going to look into bartenders and how much it'd cost to hire one for a few hours. I know where to put everything, I have a great idea of what I want in my head, and my fiance is on board with it all-he's even helping of his own free will, lol. Since it's a night wedding, we'll be leaving the following morning for our honeymoon, probablyy to the South Pacific somewhere-Samoa is number one on my list so far-it seems like a cheaper alternative to Tahiti and Fiji, and more private without tourists popping up everywhere we look. Anyway, no wedding planner. It's a small wedding, I want it very private, and we'll be doing most of it ourselves, like the decorating and setting up. His MP3 player will be our music, and we'll have a special file on it dedicated to our wedding with the songs we choose. This is the wedding I want. But there are sooooo many choices, so much stuff to choose from. It's a bit overwhellming. I know I have over a year (we're waiting so long so I can lose all the baby weight first, and he has a few pounds he wants to lose, plus saving money), but a year doesn't seem like a very long time without a pro helping. I know I can do this without help from a wedding planner, but if you have any advice, tips, ideas, anything, I would seriously appreciate them. Stuff like, how to choose a good photographer, where to get some decorations (like the Christmas lights, centerpieces, etc), any websites, any ideas for a nighttime, fall wedding, or really anything, lol. We live in northern New Jersey and want it to be when the leaves are just changing color to the oranges and reds and golds-they'll be the weddiing colors. And lots of flowers-I love flowers. I guess I'm just very scattered and unorganized, and overwhelmed with how to find exactly what I'm looking for. Whatever help you can give, I will appreciate it sooooooooo much:) And we are on a budget, so nothing too outrageous. Thanks in advance and sorry this is so long.

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