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Creative Fall Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How do I make a floating lantern for my garden pond?

    I am looking for some creative help. We are having a fall themed wedding in September '07 at our home. We have a beautiful pond that will be a backdrop to our ceremony and reception. I would like to put in the pond some floating lanterns (preferebly using candles in them) to let the water sparkle after dark. Unfortunately, we are on a very strict budget, so I was planning on just making them. Would anyone have any creative ideas or know of any websites that could explain or give tips of how to make them?

  2. What are some romantic ideas for couples on their wedding day?

    Was wanting some ideas on how my fiance and I could do something for just the two of us on our special day. A girl I knew and her husband wore funky socks under their formal clothes since their wedding fell on halloween's eve & it was only their little secret. any ideas, you creative sidekicks?

  3. How can i plan a destination wedding in LBI?

    My fiance and I would love to have a destination wedding but two important people to us would be unable to come if we do it too far. Since we live in NJ, LBI would be a good place. I just dont know how to go about trying to plan that. Can someone please help.

  4. What are some good reception decorating ideas?

    I want something elegant and very creative.. Something that would impress everyone and so the reception would look really nice ..The main color is probably gonna be dark teal (don't know second color yet) Any ideas , pictures, or websites?

  5. is blue appropriate for a wedding in sept ?

    I'm getting married in the fall of 2010. I am planning the whole wedding with the help of several friends and my fiancé. He has expressed that he would like blue, which is our favorite color to be our theme. I don't really think of blue as being a fall color, but it's our favorite color. It does not matter which shade, just as long as it's blue. I don't really know how to be creative with blue in the fall.

  6. Do you have any Decorating ideas that work for both Thanksgiving and Christmas?

    My parents want me to decorate the outside of their business office that will transition from now through christmas, but of course since it's a business it would be "holidays" not specific to "christmas". There are two pillars at the front door of the office that they would like decorated. A couple minor things to change after thanksgiving would be fine, but the basic design needs to be the same. Pics would be helpful!

  7. Those who love English, I really need a creative title for this short story analysis paper! Help anyone?

    “The Birthmark” is a short story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This story is about a scientist named Alymer who falls in love with the beautiful Georgiana. After their wedding, Alymer realizes that Georgiana may not be as beautiful as he thought she was. A birthmark in the shape of a hand on her cheek takes her beauty away. Alymer asks if he can remove the birthmark, but Georgiana gets angry at him for asking such a question. To her and all her other lovers, the birthmark is a charm. As they continue living together as a couple, Alymer struggles to see Georgiana as the beautiful woman that she is. One night Georgiana asks Alymer about a dream he had where he removed the birthmark. After Alymer recalls the dream, she agrees to let him remove it. Alymer takes Georgiana to his laboratory and makes many attempts throughout the story to remove the birthmark from her cheek. All of his attempts fail except for his last attempt. At the end of the story, as soon as the birthmark finally disappears, Georgiana dies. In “The Birthmark,” Hawthorne uses symbolism, foreshadowing, and conflict to show that nobody is perfect and that Nature overcomes science. The birthmark represents imperfection and morality. In Alymer’s mind, the birthmark is the one defect that keeps Georgiana from being perfect. Alymer states clearly that it is “the visible mark of earthly imperfection” (344). He compares it to “a crimson stain upon the snow” (344). Snow is usually thought of as white and clean, but when there is a crimson stain on it, the snow seems dirty, thus taking away the beauty of the snow. Another perfect analogy of the birthmark is the sin in a human’s life. Humans are created perfect in the image of God, but because of the sin in this world, no human being is perfect. In addition to being sinners, humans are mortal. Nature reflects that every living thing dies eventually because it is flawed in some way. In this sense, the birthmark also represents mortality. The birthmark is a reminder that Georgiana herself is a flawed, mortal human being just like everyone else. Alymer makes a mistake thinking of Georgiana as a perfect woman with no flaws at the beginning of the story. If he had thought of her as a flawed human being who is liable to decay and death, he would have no problem living with the birthmark on the cheek of his wife. At the end of the story, Alymer finally removes Georgiana’s birthmark, but as soon as the birthmark disappears, Georgiana dies right there in Alymer’s laboratory. A number of events foreshadow this death scene.The major event that hints Georgiana’s death is Alymer’s dream. Alymer has a dream that he removes the birthmark. In the dream, he not only removes the birthmark, but he removes her heart as well. As he digs deeper into the skin with a knife to remove the birthmark, Alymer realizes he has dug down to her heart. The only way he can remove the birthmark is by also removing her heart. As he removes the birthmark, Georgiana’s heart is crushed. This dream means that Georgiana cannot have the birthmark removed without dying. Even Alymer’s attempts outside of the dream in his laboratory foreshadow the death of his wife. He first grows a flower for her, but as soon as Georgiana touches it, it withers. Next, Alymers attempts making a portrait of her with a metal plate. When the shape of a hand shows up on the metal plate, he quickly throws the plate into the acid to be destroyed. The fact that all Alymer’s experiments die hints the fact that Georgiana will die soon. It is as though Nature itself is warning Alymer that Georgiana will die as his experiments keep dying. Nature plays a large part of the conflict in this story. The conflict of the story assures the reader that nobody is in control, even though they think they are. The major type of conflict in this story is Man vs. Nature. From the beginning, Alymer has an attitude that he can control everything. The reason why he possesses this attitude is because he is a scientist, and it seems as if anything is possible in science. Science, therefore, is fighting Nature throughout the story. As Alymer is determined to remove the birthmark, he cannot control its removal. The fact that all of his science experiments fail shows that the birthmark is not meant to be removed. In fact, Nature gives Georgiana her birthmark in the first place. Nature shows Alymer that the birthmark should not be removed, but Alymer does not listen. He chooses science over Nature, fighting Nature through his experiments, attempting to remove the birthmark. Because he does not believe Nature, Nature gives him a consequence: the death of his lovely wife, Georgiana.

  8. Any ideas with throwing a Late November baby shower?

    I'd like to make it a Fall theme with the fall colors and some pumpkins. What kind of foods can I serve? My friend is doing a Candy Shower and Im not the most creative with these things. Shower gifts? Any awesome ideas are most apprieciated. :)

  9. Creative picture of fall to draw for ten points?

    I have art class homework, which is to draw a picture of autumn. I'm always one to think of the creative way to portray something, and I don't settle for less but for once I have no idea how to do so. Anything like leaves or Halloween / thanksgiving related are to simple. Any ideas for ten points?

  10. Where is a good place to order a wedding cake from???

    Something that will not crumble when you put it on a plate, not to sugary, and not way over-priced.

  11. How do you keep the best man from losing the wedding rings in his pocket?

    OK here's another thing I probably shouldn't be worried about, but I just wondered if anyone has ideas... I am getting married in 9 days. The best man is also serving as my stand-in "father of the bride." We have just him and my matron of honor in our wedding party... no flower girl or ring bearer. Does anyone have any creative ideas to help the best man carry (i.e. not lose in the depths of his pocket) our wedding rings? They are both plain white gold bands, and although it is easy to tell apart his and hers by the size... I always thinks it looks silly when the person is fumbling to find the right ring at the right time. Thank you for your suggestions ;-) Thanks. I am not stressing at all, honestly. I just wondered. He is trustworthy, but he is an older gentleman. We have both known him for many, many years and consider him one of our very best friends. I just wanted to make it easier on him and was hoping for something unique, but not cutesy. It's not like I'm going to make him drag a ring pillow up the aisle ;-) Thank you to those people that actually answered thoughtfully.

  12. Where can I find a wedding planner in San Francisco?

    I'm an out-of-town bride looking to get some help planning a wedding. This person would mostly be working with my mom coordinating details. They'd have to be open, creative and fun. How can I find this person? What questions do I need to ask them?

  13. What are some good creative fall favors?

    We were originally going to do caramel apples but at this point, those may not work out. What other ideas do you have that you would enjoy as a guest?

  14. Can someone help me have a fairytale reception on a budget?

    I am planning a wedding for June. This is my second wedding but my first in my heart. I want the wedding/reception of my dreams......but on a budget. I'm going to have floating candles that I can purchase from ebay for little of nothing. But what else? I want something on the plain white walls. I was even thinking about having a fog machine for when I walk down the aisle and for when my husband and I enter the reception area. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

  15. I need a way to cover up basketball hoops?

    I am getting married this october. We got a reception hall that has basketball hoops that we thought you could raise up, but you can't. any clever ideas to cover them up or decorate so they don't stand out as bad. any help is great thanks