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Diy Fall Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. when to start planning a winter 2012 wedding?

    I have no idea when to start planning! Is now too soon?

  2. im getting married in August 2010 Is it too soon to plan?

    How soon should I book a vendor and I have a 5000 dollar budget? Any ideas at all, im planning alone and i need help.

  3. OK I just got engaged, and I have a nice long time to plan my wedding, but where do I start?!?

    What books are good for those of us who are super-clueless as to how to get things rolling? I need help with etiquette, traditions, planning the ceremony and reception, pretty much everything. We want to get married in fall 2011 or maybe a little earlier. If there were any books, websites, or other resources that helped you to plan a low-budget, mostly DIY wedding, I would LOVE to hear about them! Right now I am feeling extremely overwhelmed!

  4. How to create under table lighting for an outdoor wedding?

    I have seen it done many times. I have tried the the puck led lights, but I only seem to get a bright blue-tinted light. I dont want to tape a bunch of christmas light under the table Any suggestions

  5. what entrees would you suggest for an irish themed wedding?

    I have been searching the internet and cant seem to find options I like? It would really help if I could get help from someone. Im looking for traditonal Irish food but i dont want to go with lamb. Anyone have any thoughts?

  6. Does anyone know any good sites for wedding ceremony and reception accessories??

    I have tried Exclusively weddings and Davids Bridal but some things are way too expensive for the quality! There has got to be a better place! Please help!!!

  7. What food should we have at our wedding ?

    It's a fall wedding and some of my family will be making the food it's also going to be buffet style I'm just not sure what to serve that won't be overly expensive. Any ideas or recipes would be appreciated

  8. I am a little worried - why am I loosing weight from my wrists and fingers?

    This may seem like a strange question - but does anyone have any idea why I am loosing a significant amount of weight from my hands (my wedding ring now falls off) and my wrists (my watch can twist around my wrist) This has started to happen in the past three to four weeks. I am eating healthy and have checked my BMI which is normal? Any ideas?

  9. What are some ways to save money on a wedding?

    we are having guest list of 300 and no way around it. I found a DJ for $250 our budget is $6,000.00 comfortably - $7500.00 if we have to. Please any ideas and websites would help so much... The theme is fall too :o)

  10. Anybody know where to find cheap Wedding Favors?

    So I am getting married next fall and my colors are fallish red, yellow, orange, brown. I am looking for a cheap place to get tins or boxs for favors. Or any one have any favor ideas? Im doing leaves and Gerbera daisy is my main flower. Any pictures would be great too. Im looking at needing around 150-175.

  11. What are some ideas for a Rockabilly/ pin up weddingg ?(:?

    Im getting married in november and i need ideass ! I dont want alot ofreally crazy ideas, im havinq a simple wedding :) pleasee helpp!

  12. what should i do for wedding centerpieces?

    ok my wedding is july 4 next year the girls dresses are watermelon color and i would like to go with a country themed wedding i have been throwing ideas around for a while now about center pieces and ceremony decor. the reception and ceremony is going to be at the fall river country club (http://www.fallrivercc.com) what should i do help? any ideas is helpfull

  13. I need as many idea's as possible for a DIY wedding in Kitchener, Ontario?

    My best friend is getting married in a year or so. She wants to do a fall wedding, and she wants to do as much of it as possible herself to save money. I would love any money saving and/or DIY ideas for weddings that you might have. Thanks :)

  14. I need some ideas for a fall themed wedding including flowers, centerpieces, colors, and invitations.?

    Also, this is a VERY low budget wedding. In season flowers, dollar store buys, and DIY ideas are great! Thanks!