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Cheap Winter Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What type of coat is suitable for a winter wedding?

    i have been invited to a wedding this winter. i dont want to freeze in the church. so i need tips or ideas of what kind of coat would be suitable with a dress. dress length is just above the knee. should i go for a coat longer or shorter than the dress length.

  2. What do you think of my bridesmaids walking down the aisle with candles instead of bouquets?

    I'm having a winter wedding, in the evening. I'm really trying to pull off a lovely wedding on a budget. Flowers are expensive, and so I was thinking we could dim the lighting in the church sitting area (the front would be lit up for the guests to see us well) and have them walk with candles (big ones, so they won't drip on their dresses) and then they can set them down in the front of the church when they get up there as added decoration. What do you think? Good or no? Also, my fiance's family is pretty judgemental, and they are all in the wedding, so I'm not sure if they will go for the idea or not. Also, maybe we could decorate the candles with fake flowers with a hot glue gun or something (ideas for that would be great too.) Thanks! It's a Catholic church and they burn candles for every service. I don't see why we wouldn't be able to because of that. And we could use the sheilds.

  3. How do I my partner and I throw a wedding on a budget? What is the best season of the year to get married and?

    why? Any tips, ideas, advice please!!! Los Angeles, CA

  4. Do you have any tips for planning a budget wedding?

    My boyfriend and I have been engaged for a couple years now. We just had a beautiful baby (She is 10 weeks old now). And I really think it is about time we tied the knot. First of all I have no idea how to plan a wedding! And second of all money is a little tight! Any tips?

  5. what are the best cheap places to have an indoor wedding in louisville ky?

    My Fiance and I are planning on getting married in January of 2013. We are on a very limited budget and are looking for good but cheap places to get married indoors. being as it will be winter. Any idea's????

  6. What are some great favors for my wedding?

    I really need your help for some really good wedding favor ideas. THANKS IN ADVANCE. I am getting married in December, so I will be having a winter wedding.

  7. What are some neat ideas for a winter wedding?

    Any neat ideas involving any part of anything in the wedding would be a great help! Thanks! P.s- my wedding is not christmas themed.. Its ice blues and whites and silvers.. =]

  8. How can I have a gorgous christmas wedding with a very low budget?

    I don"t mind doing details myself but I am far from creative but I want to get married in a church and have my reception be somewhere warm cozy and roomy but everywhere is exspensive please if there is anyone who has advice please tell me.Thanks

  9. Where is a nice place to get married?

    I want to avoid the hassles of planning a wedding that will make everyone happy. Whereever it is, it needs to be hot and tropical and relatively affordable? Any ideas?

  10. where is a cute small low-cost place to get married in the pittsburgh area of pennsylvania?

    I am planning my wedding for this christmas and I am having difficulties because I'm in the UK till December. I would like something small less than 50 people and because of the times we don't want to spend too much money. We live in the pittsburg area south to be more specific and i would really appreciate some ideas :-)

  11. Where to find the perfect wedding dress?

    I am having a beach wedding, the beginning of september and was wondering if anyone knew where i could find a nice short wedding dress. about knee length, i dont want it to the floor but i dont want a mini skirt! haha nic eand flowy, i know im picky but its my wedding, and ive been looking all over and i cant really find any, theyre all long or they look stupid. haha any ideas?! thanks! i really dont want an "already worn dress" not that im not into hand me downs and stuff but its my wedding, i want my own! haha but thanks

  12. What is the cheapest month of year to get married in Arizona?

    My hubby and I were married last September in Vegas, and are now trying to plan our actual wedding ceremony in Arizona (most likely Phoneix) and I'm trying to figure out what month between Sep 07-May 08 to get married in, and I'm trying to find out the cheapest month to do it in and any ideas for a cheaper ceremony/reception in that Location. Any inputs would be appreciated! ~Lisa

  13. I need cheap winter wedding ideas , for this december!?

    I'm on a short budget and my fiance and i plan on purchasing a house, but we want to have a small wedding before we actually move into the house. Help! all of you guys have been so helpful so if you want the points and you have a very good submission, let me know and i'll give them (the points) to you.

  14. does anyone know of a cheap simple hall for a wedding reception near middletown ohio?

    I am planning my wedding for feb. 2009 in Middletown Ohio and i am having trouble finding an affordable reception hall i was going to use the eagles in germantown but they are booked thru the winter for other events on saturdays... any ideas would be greatly appreciated we are getting married on valentines day that is a saturday what do you mean by friday and sunday weddings?

  15. what are some ways/ideas to save money on a wedding/wedding planning?

    my fiance and i have contacts that can provide music and the cake so that should not be a problem, however as i was looking at websites there're lots of expenses we need to cover. my wedding is until sept. 2008 so there's time for plans and to save up money. i dont plan a big wedding but not a small one either. i want an average reception and a church ceremony. i dont plan on having bridemaids. we plan on inviting no more than 200 ppl.

  16. What to eat at wedding luncheon?

    My wedding reception this winter will be a nice luncheon with family and close friends. We are just scratching our brains trying to decide what to serve there. I was thinking that since it will be winter and COLD here and since I love soups so much we could do a soup bar with lots of different soups, bread bowls, maybe mini sandwiches... Alternate menu ideas would be great, or ways to flesh out the soup bar idea. My mom is concerned that it will seem "cheap" if we just go with that.