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Winter Wedding Ideas Snowflakes Questions Answered!

  1. How to decorate a big empty room for a winter wedding?

    i'm having my winter wedding in a big empty room with 2 fireplaces on each end of the building. so we are gonna have to set the chairs up for a walk down but im not sure what or how to fix the rest of the room up? im thinking a arch waiting for me at the end and what else i need help with. my colors are navy blue,white and silver. it's a winter theme. any ideas would be wonderful. thanks, kerri

  2. Ideas for a winter wonderland wedding?

    My boyfriend and i are planning on getting married in two years and we are planning the wedding from now. Im thinking about going w/ a winter wonderland themed wedding. Anybody have any ideas on how to decor a winter themed wedding?

  3. What Christmas/winter wedding theme ideas do you have?

    A friend who was recently engaged decided on a Christmas theme and is looking for creative elegant ideas. What suggestions do you have?

  4. What are some ideas for a winter wedding?

    My wedding is 12/29/07 in Long Island, NY. My colors are a mix of blues and silver. I like the snowflake idea, but what are some other things I can do for centerpieces, decorations, bouquets, etc that I can use?

  5. Does anyone have creative ideas for winter wedding decorations?

    For the ceremony or the reception or both :) Im just making a list of all the possibilities so i can narrow it down. Im getting married January Second. Thank you:)

  6. Do you have any decoration ideas for the church ceremony of a winter wedding?

    The wedding date is December 4th, 2009... I haven't really picked colors yet... but I'm looking for some unique decorating ideas for the church. :) Thanks!

  7. Ideas for a winter snowflake theme wedding?

    Hello everyone I am planning my wedding for 12-13-09..And we want to have a snowflake theme..but our colors are silver and white because of my dress..So im looking for help finding invitations and center pieces napkins plates(all the works)

  8. What are some inexpensive things to fill wedding treat boxes for the guests?

    December wedding- silver/red/white colors

  9. What do you think of this for a Winter wedding theme?

    I heard that alot of brides who want a winter wedding can get discounts on alot of snowy decorations, because stores are moving everything out by January for spring stuff and Valentine's day stuff. I'm thinking about having the theme in whites, crystals, and pale blues. Pale blue accents everywhere... kind of mixing with the cold, ice theme.

  10. What are some good, original Halloween costume ideas?

    Hey, I need a good costume idea for a group of 19 people. There are only two boys and seventeen girls. I don't want ideas like "Wizard of Oz" or "Christmas Elves" but rather clever ideas like being a 'Got Milk?" advertisement or representing all the holidays. Please help!! :)

  11. Fake snow for first dance for a winter wedding?

    My fiancee and I are having a winter wonderland wedding.. When we first start dancing I somehow want fake snow to fall from the ceiling.. And I have absolutely no idea how to do that.. Any one seen it or know how to do this? It would be a great help! Thanks so much..

  12. I would like a winter wedding but i dont want traditional red to be my color? any suggestions?

    sooo i was thinking maybe a deep purple or green, just b/c everyone does ruby red. Now, I do want kinda a "winter wonderland" theme, with a lot of white lights at the reception, snowflakes, and pointsettas. do you guys have any suggestions or decorating ideas that i can do at the reception as well that are do it yourself?

  13. what are some winter wonderland wedding ideas?

    i am having a winter wedding and would like to see if anyone has pictures or ideas for decorating we winter wedding reception.

  14. How to decorate a wedding?

    so I'm not sure how to decorate our wedding.We're doing a winter wonderland theme.I need ideas for center piece, lights, etc... Websites for cheap decorations or pictures would be appreciated.