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Unique Winter Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are the most unique winter wedding ideas you have seen?

    I am looking for unique, elegant ideas for a winter wedding.

  2. What are some unique bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts?

    I am having a winter wedding and I'm trying to think of gifts besides the usual, predictable gifts. Any ideas?

  3. What would be a pretty cool wedding theme?not the beach or a luau and not fairytale?

    anyone have any unique ideas?

  4. What are some unique winter wedding centerpieces?

    I was going to do a wreath with 3 different size candles in them, but candles are just so expensive to be burnt once and then thrown away. Any other ideas? my colors are cranberry, silver, and a hint of black, by the way The reason I will probably be throwing the candles away is because in total, I would need almost 60 candles and what would I do with all that? Even after I try to give them away, I'll still have a bunch left... so I am trying to stay away from that idea.

  5. Tiffany blue and brown wedding in January? Any unique ideas or pictures?

    I am having a winter wedding with the tiffany blue and brown colors. I dont know what colors to put the wedding party in, or how to decorate the hall using both colors. What other accenting colors can we use? I want a simple but elegant look. Any comments, pictures, ideas???

  6. What ideas do you have to help a mature woman have a successful Christmas wedding?

    I am a mature Black woman who will be marrying my much younger fiance' for Christmas. I have been checking David's Bridal and other sources for suggestions. I have not been successful. This is my third and his second. This is it for both of us. I am not concerned about huge bridal parties, elaborate clothing, etc. We just want somethin simple and tasteful. I would prefer wearing a nice cream colored tailored suit with veil and for him, a matching cream colored suit. ( I am leaning toward wine, cream (winter white) and gold.) with sprinkles of green (don't want to be too Christmasy) My daughter will be my bridesmaid, his son will be his groomsman. I have not decided on the "time". With it being Christmas Day - I was thinking, either late morning, or early afternoon. I could really use some unique ideas. I live in a lovely complex with a wonderful clubhouse that features a fireplace, kitchen (oven, sink, etc,) I would probably have someone play piano music or CD's. I'd also like . or a selection of CD's of our favorite music. What would you suggest for food? I am inviting about 50 people or less. If you know any websites, I would be interested. I had also thought about having the wedding the Sunday prior to Christmas and surprise my church congregation and marry after the service. The funny part would be, they would know something was up because I play the piano and would have to get up and change clothes....I want to do something special and nice for us. We have had many challenges in our 7 year relationship and we have come a long way. We have defied all laws to this point (illnesses, surgeries, death of my parents, my daughter going away to college, sobriety) and we still have joy, love and respect of our relationship in spite of those who did not think we would last this long because of our age. (me 54, him 32). I still believe that God's love can conquer all evil, challenges and produce faith in people. Thank you for your help. Thank you Christina for your input. I do believe in Jesus very much, but my faith in Him and the love He has for me is way beyond the commercialism that the "world" has placed on this day. While we celebrate the birth of Christ on this day, my studies have shown that He was not born during the winter season. Additionally, I celebrate Christs' birth, life, death and resurrection each and everyday of my life through the love I show to all mankind. I just wanted to thank those who have responded so far and to hopefully clear up any misconceptions about the choice made for our wedding. I know Christmas is a family day and also the day that we have been taught Christ was born. I wasn't selfish enough to expect people to loose sight of their own convictions and celebration to spend with us. We are talking about twho hours at most of less than 50 people. Additionally, since it was also during my birthday, my friends, sister and several other people were the ones who put the idea of Christmas Day in my head. I'm not rude and I do consider and recognize our Lord and Savior and family. But thanks to all of you who respond. I do appreciate your input. (smile)

  7. What are good october wedding colors?

    I don't want holloween colors or anything but my bridesmaids dresses are black. So what colors would look good with black in october?

  8. I wonder if anyone has any reception ideas for a december winter wedding in florida. ?

    I am getting married in Dec 2009 in South Florida. I do not know which flowers or colors that would be best at that time.

  9. I am looking for a really nice unique place to get married in North East PA.?

    My reception is in Dalton and I need a ceremony site. The wedding is in February so something in the winter theme would be great.

  10. I am having a wedding, and we are having a winter wonderland wedding. We want it to be very glittery and bling?

    I was wondering if someone could help me and give me some ideas for our wedding, and also how to make it memorable. We are also wanting to do a really cool dance. Can someone please help me!!! my wedding is in 2 months and i need some serious help.

  11. What do you think about FALL WEDDINGS?

    Me and my fiance have been together for 4 years. We got together on October 3rd. We really wanted the marriage date to be Oct. 3rd but that would be fall.. Every wedding i have been to has been in the summer , so i dont know how a fall wedding is. I plan to have an inside wedding, BUT i will be taking pictures outside. will it be too cold? will people get mad? what if it rains or is too windy? what do you think about Fall Weddings?

  12. Im looking to hear from people with quirky, unusual wedding ideas!?

    Im due to get married in feb 2012 at a country house hotel and id really like to add a quirky unusual touch to it. Its a small wedding during the day (approx 25), then adding up to 70 in total for evening. I want to add lots of unique touches to the wedding but dont know where to start! Help!!!

  13. I need some Ideas on a couple of wedding gift baskets for guests?

    I am trying 2 put together a couple of different packages for Wedding Gift Baskets for guests to display in a catalog. I am working for a company where we print silkscreening shirts, Buisness cards, Greeting cards and so on and so I need to include some of our services in the wedding gift baskets. any Ideas would be great!!