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Pictures Of Winter Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some good summer wedding ideas?

    We were originally having a winter wedding but the army tends to screw up everything haha. So now it is postponed for next summer. I knew exactly what I wanted for the winter wedding, but now I feel like I have to start all over as far as choosing a color and style for my bridesmaids dresses, choosing a new color theme and new flowers. Any suggestions? Nothing "too pink and girlie" as my man said haha.

  2. How should I decorate for a Nutcracker themed bridal shower?

    I am planning a bridal shower for a bride that is having a winter wedding and loves the Nutcracker. I am looking for decorating tips. I was thinking of having the tables decorated with a Nutcracker and lots of candy. I am having trouble finding any ideas or pictures online. I need lots of help on what to do....color scheme, food selections, decorations, etc. Any help would be great! Thanks!!

  3. what is the average cost of a wedding venue?

    im helping my soon to be sister in law plan her wedding and she is trying to do it on a very small budget. most places i look at online dont show many pictures or cost they just have a form to fill out for an apointment. shes looking to have it in the winter in order to have a winter themed wedding so it has to be inside.

  4. Does anybody have winter wedding pictures of decorations they can send me?

    My colors are navy blue and silver and I am looking for flower ideas and ideas for the reception. I would really like to see some real life pictures.

  5. What are some cute, retro hairstyles that I can wear to my Winter Formal?

    My dress is retro and absolutely adorable, and I have a cute headband that I got from Claire's that is pretty thin with rhinestones on it. I want something with volume and definitely curls, and I don't want an updo. Any pictures of hairstyles would be great. Thanks!

  6. Any good ideas of places to go for a destination wedding in the contiguous US?

    We have thought about going to Lake Tahoe. Vegas is out, not even an option! Any other places that might be beautiful? We are getting married in December. Please help us with some ideas!

  7. What should i wear to a winter wedding?

    hey i am going to a wedding about 3 days before christmas and it is in New Jersey! its gonna be cold. i have no idea what to wear! i'm tall soo nothing to short ! what should i wear thats gonna be nice and cute? pictures/websites are greatly appreciated. ohh and i don't want to spend a fortune.

  8. I Live in Buffalo ny and i am looking for places to take pictures at for my winter wedding?

    My wedding is november 15th and i need ideas on where to do my pictures in an indoor place so my dress will not get ruined. any ideas???

  9. Can some please show me a pic of a winter in wonderland theme for a holiday party?

    I want to incorporate ice blue, gold, silver and white. Please show me a pic or a website that has the pics. I really like how it would look in the wedding pics too! thanks!

  10. What would be appropriate for an an informal/ semi formal wedding, me being the groom?

    the colors that are involved are natural colors such as creams, light browns and what not. the wedding isn't for a while, i'm just looking for ideas right now.

  11. Where is a good place to take wedding photo's in Minneapolis?

    My fiancee' and I are getting married in Brooklyn Park in February. We are trying to avoid outside pictures as much as possible considering the freakishly cold Minnesota winters. Minneapolis isn't too far away so we are looking for maybe a historical building in the warehouse district or art center that will allow photography. Any good ideas? Thanks!

  12. How do I disguise basketball hoops for a wedding reception?

    Because of a small budget, I got stuck with a church gymnasium for my reception. The wedding is in winter, so we can't do it outside. I have lots of ideas for draping tulle and hanging lights...but WHAT DO I DO WITH THE BASKETBALL HOOPS?!?!?!

  13. How should I wear my hair for winter formal?

    My hair is dark brown, a little longer than my shoulders, and layered. I kinda want to wear it down. Also, my dress is black and purple zebra print. Oh and I was wondering if you think i should crimp it. Or would that look dumb?