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Unique Small Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Where is a cheap outdoor place to get married in or around Atlanta GA?

    I am looking for a place to have my wedding that is outdoor and a nice place. But I do not have a huge budget and i want a very informal unique small wedding. I'm having a hard time figuring out a place to have it. If anyone has any ideas i would love to hear them. (note: it will not be a real big traditional wedding so any ideas even if they seem crazy) can you tell ive never planned a wedding before? : )

  2. Hi, can anyone help me with some unique wedding reception ideas?

    Would anyone be willing to share some unique ideas for a wedding reception? Ideas you have used or have seen at other receptions for decorating tables as well as cake table, using centerpieces, place settings,using unique items for guestbooks, etc. Not the usual stuff you see all the time. I just want to have some unique ideas at mine. Any help would be great! Thanks so much.

  3. Who is a good wedding photographers in North Texas?

    Looking for a decent priced wedding photographer out of north texas, I will be having a big reception in a few months. Ive already had a small wedding but need a good photographer to deal with this unique, special occasion. Any ideas? I would like to look at an online portfolio also

  4. Any ideas for affordable wedding ceremonies and receptions in Nashville, TN?

    My fiance and I are planning on getting married here in Nashville in early December of this year. We've decided that, rather than spending a great deal of money on a wedding and reception, we'd like to just have a small, cheap wedding, then blow all of our money on an extravagant honeymoon! :-) We definitely don't want to just do a wedding chapel, but are hoping for some unique ideas for places in the Nashville area that are cheap but really unique and special. Anybody out there know of any good places? Thanks.

  5. What Are The Wedding Themes That You Can Think Of?

    What are all of the wedding themes that you can think of, or have seen?...other than the Haiwain them. I'm helping with planning a wedding and my friend wants one of the colors to be green, so I am considering a soft metallic light green along with maybe a peach or gold? I am also considering incorporating peacock feathers somehow, as they are beautiful, includes green, and are unique to a wedding. Any ideas on themes? The budget s small.

  6. unique places to get married in Toronto, trying to avoid the church/banquet hall thingy?

    I would like some suggestions on some either really elegant, posh or nature involved locations. I've looked at all the hotels and that wont do the trick, Graydon hall looks super expensive, casa loma is played out....running out of ideas and to boot my ideas aren't that unique. Small wedding 25-30 ppl in summer of 09. I'm open to any venue/reception halls that might be unique or different. Thanks

  7. How can I make my wedding reception unique?

    I'm getting married and I want all sort of unique wedding reception ideas. I want a beautiful wedding on a small budget. Therefore, I want to stretch every dollar I have saved for my DIY wedding to make it unique. Any suggestions?

  8. How do I get a small business booming what kind of advertising? It is for cheesecakes and cake decorating?

    I'm trying to start a small business with cheesecakes and cake decorating and I just need alittle info.

  9. What are some unique names for a wedding coordinating business?

    I am looking for something different and unique. Thanks.

  10. Need more ideas of things to buy for my girls that are standing up for me?

    I am looking for unique gift ideas! I want to get the girls that are standing up for me at my wedding. Any ideas?

  11. How are you making your wedding day unique?

    My fiance and I are trying to plan a beautiful wedding on a small budget. I know we can do it! Were both wanting a wedding that is unique and not so cookie cutter like. So were both trying to think outside the box when planning our wedding. What unique ideas are you doing at your wedding?

  12. Any ideas for an 80th birthday party celebration?

    I need help on gift ideas, and unique decorating, etc. It's my mom's birthday and we have rented a room at a resturant. What do you thonk of pictures of my mom during different satges - little girl, teen, wedding, etc? Thanks for all answers.

  13. What are some creative diy wedding favors or budget friendly favors?

    My wedding is coming up in a few months and I am searching for some creative favors for a January 1st wedding. I already have ordered some personalized matches but am having trouble with what else to get. Everything seems to be really expensive even in bulk. Does anybody know any other ideas that are not too expensive? Also, what are some unique diy wedding favors? I am thinking about making some soap, but not really sure.

  14. how do I start a professional scrapbooking small business?

    I am a stay at home mom, I was an art student before I became a mom, and I love being creative. I started scrapbooking my daughter's pictures and I love doing it. I wanted to make a little money on the side, but I have no idea how to turn my hobby into a profession. Any advice?