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Very Small Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Cheap wedding reception ideas for a small wedding with mainly family?

    We are having a small wedding with mainly family. About 25 people total. What's the best way to have the reception? We looked at a small restaurant that mainly does functions, but it seems a bit much for just family. Any other ideas of where/how we could do it? For a dinner. Thanks.

  2. How do I organise a small wedding?

    Hi I am getting married in July 2013. I have no idea how to even begin planning. It will only be a small wedding 30 guests at the ceremony and 60 for the reception. I don't want anything fancy as we cannot afford anything big. Top end budget is £12000. I want a heavily 50's themed wedding and we both love sushi, but not all the guests do. Plus the only cake I like is chocolate but some of the guests don't! Help!!! What do I do in what order?

  3. How to plan a small wedding on a budget.?

    My fiancé and I would like to get married in october of 2013. I know that is a long time away but I'm very worry about the money. We are both still in school and work full time jobs. We don't yet live together, so we would need money for an apartment and a wedding. We would like a small wedding. I just have no idea where to even start or what kind of wedding to have. We are both confused. Can someone please lead us the right way

  4. Small wedding ideas needs for a party of 100 or less on a budget?

    My fiance` have decided to have a small wedding. We expect guest of 100 or less, mainly family. Our big problem is finances. We can't afford the expense of high cost decorations and a highly catered reception. I would appreciate some of your input and website/book/magazine resources that helped you. Thank you

  5. Anyone ever been to or had a small wedding or an elopement?

    Need ideas for a location to have a really small wedding (10 -20 People) or just elope (5 people). Anyone ever been to one or had one and has any good ideas on locations? Or if you eloped can you share you story?

  6. How much does a basic (small) wedding cost?

    It is time to start planning my wedding and was just wondering how much will just a basic small wedding cost. We only want close friends and family there that's why it would be small. I was thinking because we live on the Gold Coast in Australia I would like to have my reception on a boat,since it sounds better because we are not going to have that many people 20-30 at most. So if any one has an idea or advice, please that would be great (:

  7. What are some memorable/silly/fun wedding venue ideas?

    I am planning a small wedding ceremony (about 50 people) and I am trying to figure out a ceremony location that would be memorable and silly and fun. Anyone have any ideas? I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area, so if you know of a specific place, that would be great too. Thanks. We have even considered doing it in a bounce house.

  8. How do I organise a small wedding?

    Help! I am trying to organise a small wedding of about 40 people including children. Most venues aren't interested because we are a small group. I live in Brisbane Australia. I'd welcome any ideas as we are also on a bit of a budget.

  9. How can I use pumpkins in my wedding?

    Normally, I'm very against the cliche wedding stuff--but for my fall wedding, I'd like to use pumpkins somewhere. Only, I don't know how. I'm having a dessert and cocktail reception and a small chapel wedding. Any ideas?

  10. My husband has said I can do whatever want for our wedding, ideas and thoughts?

    I don't want a super big wedding but I do want to invite both of our family's and colse friends. Who here had or will have a small wedding? What about a big wedding? What are good points and bad points about each.

  11. Any ideas for a small wedding reception in the Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach Alabama area?

    We are planning on having a small beach wedding (under 50 people), but I am having a hard time finding a small venue for a reception in the Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach area. I would just like dinner and dancing for the guests. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  12. Where is a good place to have a small wedding?

    My boyfriend and I are starting to plan our wedding for this Summer. We live in south western Washington. Neither of us want a wedding in a church. We just want a small wedding with close family and friends. Any ideas?

  13. Looking for planning ideas for a smaller wedding?

    I am planning a wedding for next summer - Aug/Sept 2009 (Date not set yet). We are planning on having a small wedding, 2 others standing up and 50 in audience/dinner. I am looking to hear from other who had a smaller wedding and what they did to personalize it. How did you have the receptions, did you do dancing, just dinner, keepsakes, etc. Any information would be great! I am in the beginning stages and lost! :)

  14. How much would it cost for a small simple wedding?

    I recently got engaged and I was just wondering how much a wedding really costs? I want a simple small wedding so my questions are How much was your wedding? How big was it? Is there any advice you want to give? Any ways to save money? Thanks! :)