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Simple Small Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How do I entertain 30-35 people, including small children, for my wedding reception?

    We are having a small wedding ceremony in a back yard, with the reception in the same location if the weather is nice. If we have poor weather we have a small hall booked. We are having a hard time thinking of a way to entertain such a small crowd for a few hours that includes a few small children and seniors. We thought of a DJ or a band but think that might not be a good idea with such a small crowd, but other than socializing and drinking we are stumped. We are simple people with simple tastes. Any ideas?

  2. What are some simple foods to make for a wedding?

    A dear church friend of mine is getting married for the third time (she's lived a troubled life before she found Jesus). Since it is a small, simple wedding (about 15 guests) I told her I would make the food. I am planning on making a pesto dip and a seafood pasta dish. What are some other ideas?

  3. Anyone ever have their dog involved in their wedding ceremony?

    My soon to be husband and I have been living together for three years, and our "baby" is our dog. She's two, and the sweetest happiest dog anyone has ever met! We plan on having a fairly small wedding, by the beach with mainly only family. I want my dog to be involved in the ceremony perhaps, but at least there. The wedding is going to be very simple and not very fancy. Any ideas on how to involve my Penny? Is this maybe too tacky?

  4. how much will it cost to get a simple little sundress made for me?

    by a seamstress or someone of the sort? i don't want anything complex or extreme. just a simple white sundress to where to my small, outside wedding. any ideas or info on who to call in the houston area?

  5. Does anyone know of any cheap/inexpensive wedding venues in or around the sacramento area?

    My fiance and I are planning on having a small simple wedding with close friends and family there. Our guest list will only be around 60 or less, and we are on a really small budget. We are planning on doing a tahoe wedding but I want to try and find someplace around sacramento because it might be difficult for my family to get to tahoe. Any ideas????

  6. Is there a time frame after the wedding when a reception should be done?

    My Cousin is getting married in the Bahamas in a few months. It's going to be a small & simple wedding with just 20 people (a few friends & family). As the maid of honor, part of my assistance is to help plan the reception. They would like to have a reception when they return from the cruise, but not right off hand. Is there a certain length of time (a few weeks, a month) that a reception should be done, or does it even matter since receptions are done after-wards?

  7. What are some ideas for making homemade wedding invitations?

    I am planning a very small wedding (50 guests) and would like to handmake the invitations. Does anyone have any suggestions or good links to see some examples?

  8. What is a realistic budget for a wedding?

    My boyfriend and I are planning a wedding for December. We don't know what to expect paying for a small wedding. I want it to be very simple, nothing too elaborate.

  9. I am looking for a tea length wedding dress. Do you have any ideas where to get one?

    I would prefer 1950/1960 style. I am also considering a wedding suit. I am 30 and having a small wedding(12 people including the pastor. I would like to have it similar to what my grandparents had in their home.

  10. Anyone know where to buy very simple and fairly small fascinators, or buy the accessories to make your own?

    My mum is wearing a pale blue dress to my wedding in Lindos in June and I'd like to buy her one or make one, just with the simalay material and maybe a few matching pearls or jewels. Any ideas? She only wants to wear something fairly simple, small and elegant. Can anyone help? if anyone can also help with how to go about making one, that would be great too. It looks fairly simple I think, I could probably do it, but any help would be much appreciated.

  11. How much would a simple wedding cost me?

    nothing extra... just a wedding and a receptioon with a light meal and cake. i dont have much money to work with so i just need to know what i can get away with. someone recently told mem 20 to 30 thousand and i freaked out lol!

  12. im planning on a wedding but need advise?

    im planning on having a wedding a small simple wedding nothing huge or flashy and was wondering does anyone know where the best place in edmonton alberta would be to get married as there will only be my kids my sister and her kids and a few friends adding up to no more then 20 people or less? i would like to get married around january or before?? so if anyone knows a good place please please email me or give me some ideas :) thanks!!! also i would be using a wedding commissioner.

  13. How much would this wedding cost?

    I want a very small wedding. A backyard wedding with no more than 20 guests. I don't want a big cake I want to make a few regular sized cakes at home. It will be in florida. I will be making all the food and ill be just buying cheap decorations from a craft store but I want real flowers and I also don't want a big wedding dress I just want a plain white dress from like ross. So please I need estimates. Thank you.

  14. Just got engaged. Need to figure out how soon I need to start planning the wedding and where to start?

    My boyfriend and I just got engaged and have decided to get married early Summer 2009. Even though it's still a couple of years away, I would like to start estimating the cost of the wedding, and checking out locations. How long should I wait before I start planning the wedding? My parents had a very small simple wedding, and I want a small, but nice wedding w/ our closest relatives and friends, which will end up being around 100-125 people.

  15. My fiance' and I are planning a small wedding with just under 50 guests, and I want the reception catered and

    he wants to make it a cook off type of event where the guests help with the food by bringing dishes that they have made or bought,. We both agree we want simple finger foods, nothing elabrate....He thinks it will be cheaper, and I think that catering should not be too expensive due to the fact that we are have a small wedding Which idea is better? We are trying to cut costs but i want it to go smoothly & not look cheap HELP HELP HELP

  16. What are some ideas for decorations and things for a small wedding with only immediate family?

    My sister is getting married outdoors in a park next week and she doesn't want anything fancy or over done. No reception or anything. I wanted to do some low key decorations and things to make it look like a wedding without going overboard. So any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks