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Cheap Small Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Whats the best way to have a cheap wedding?

    I want a cheap wedding and soon. I live in SC. Any tips or ideas? Anything other than going to City Hall. I want our friends and family there.

  2. Looking for the best national park or forest area in Oregon to have my wedding ceremony.?

    We wanna get married in a forested area in Oregon.A small wedding of about 50-70 people.Nothing big just an area to have the ceremony,(No fancy deco. or anything like that.) and a little shelter area to have a small reception lunch or dinner.We looked at Silver Falls but they were booked up.We also checked the Cape Lookout area but they didnt have any photos of the picnic area shelters.We would really appreciate any suggestions or ideas on cheap or free places that are wooded.We are planning on a buffet style/potluck.We live in Hawaii so all our family will need casual and cheap accomadations.Any ideas are welcomed!!!Thanks!!!!

  3. How to have a cheap but elegant beach wedding on St. Simon Island, GA ?

    I plan on getting married on St. Simons Island, GA. The problem is I am on a budget. Does anyone know of any planners in that area who are cheaper but good. The cheapest I have found is 5,000 dollars there will only be 10- 15 people there. It will be a small wedding. I have already purchased my dress. Just looking for any helpful tips on how to have a "cheap" wedding but look very elegant or if anyone have any suggestions for planners. Thank you

  4. Where can I get a cheap wedding cake in Buffalo NY?

    I'm trying to find a bakery to make a wedding cake for a small wedding in my budget. Im looking for a 3 tier cake to feed 50 - 75 people. Looking at something between $100 - $150. Does anyone know any good bakeries in BUFFALO NY in that price range?

  5. Does anyone have any tips on cheap wedding ideas?

    My fiance and I are planning on getting married this year and we are on a tight budget. We are trying to spend as little money as possible. If anyone knows any sites with great tips or has any there self that would be great! Thanks in advance!

  6. Where can we have a small wedding on a budget?

    We have 2 children already and would like to have a small wedding. we have thought about vegas, but i would like my grandparents to be there and vegas is too far, If we have a registry office in the uk what could we do as a cheap reception?? any ideas gratefully recieved

  7. Where is a good place to have a wedding reception?

    I am very over whelmed with all of this wedding planning going on & Only 26 days to have everything in place. My fiance & I are getting married March 5th! Short notice. We are on a very tight budget as we have two little girls. What would be so very cheap yet good wedding reception ideas/places???

  8. What can i do for a very small wedding ceremony and reception?

    My fiancé and I are getting married at the court house. We don't have a set date yet because I obviously need to know what I would be able to do at the court house and what some ideas would be. Also what could I do after the ceremony? Keep in mind we are on a very tight budget. Anything will help. Thank you! :)

  9. What is the etiquette on who to invite to your wedding?

    I am the bride and am looking at a small, low budget wedding. My family and his family are only paying a portion of the bill, my fiance and I pay the rest. I am wondering what the etiquette is on certain people. If I invite a close friend do I have to invite her family? If a friend wants to bring a date that I have never met, do I have to allow that? How does that bring a friend thing work? Also do I have to invite my mother's friends? What about family friends I don't particularly care for and have never felt close with?

  10. How much of a wedding celebrant?

    For a small wedding in Melbourne how much would just an average marriage celebrant cost? I trying to work out if it would be cheaper for me to do a course or to get a professional to do it? It's for my sisters wedding and she would love to have me be the celebrant but the course is like $800?!!! I don't want someone to do it because it's their job to do it, I want he wedding to be special and personal. Can anyone give me an idea on how much a decent celebrant would cost? (no religious stuff because they are athiests).

  11. Any cheap wedding favor ideas different from the norm?

    I am getting married in September and my wedding is outside. My colors are cranberry and silver. I am struggling very much with the idea of favors. I swear I have looked at everything and have found nothing. I am not very creative, but I know that I want to have something different from my wedding. I am not too picky, just want something different. Any ideas?