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Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. MAY-Wedding need some help and ideas for planning an outdoor wedding?

    we plan to have a may,outdoor wedding at a park and need ideas, such as.... - decorations - ideas - wedding favors - songs - and a list of things i may have left out we do not know anything about weddings due to the fact we have never been married. and would like some help with ideas for planning and as much help as possible, and we don't need website referral's,lol were looking for just ideas out of random people like you :) my colors are champagne and black

  2. How much is a wedding ceremony and reception at Phipps Greenery and Conservatory in Pgh?

    I would love to have an outdoor wedding, and Phipps seems perfect! We haven't set a date yet, I am just gathering ideas on venues and such. We will be inviting no more than 100 people, and need space to put up tent(s). Are they pretty flexible when it comes to decorations and catering, etc? Estimation on the cost? Any info would be great! Thanks

  3. wedding decoration ideas?

    i'm planning an outdoor gazebo style wedding. i cant seem tp be able to find any pictures of decorated gazebo's. any ideas?

  4. How much did you spend on wedding day flowers?

    I am having an outdoor wedding in the Mountains so I don't need a lot of decoration flowers as it will be pretty enough. I mainly just need my bouquet, 6 bridesmaids, and the boutennieres (I have no idea how to spell that). I am thinking maybe some flowers for the reception but I am doing mostly candles as it is a very rustic barn. Thanks in advance Oh and does anyone know of any websites with pictures I can get bouquet ideas??


    I already know about theknot.com and weddingchannel.com (searched them over again and again -- The Knot has some great stuff with Real Weddings that has helped me out) and I have been looking at Brides, Elegant Brides, Modern Bride, etc. They all seem to focus more on the dresses and rings and not on decorations or reception ideas. We are having an outdoor summertime evening wedding next year and we want it to be in between formal and informal. I was thinking of a country (but not gingham check tablecloths and sunflowers) and sunset theme (idea from a YahooAnswers buddy...Thanks Miss D!!). Do you know of any books, magazines, websites that would for sure have ideas for what I am talking about or anything you think might have some ideas? If so, I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks! :)

  6. How to hide the bride in an outdoor wedding?

    So my wedding is going to be I front of a barn... Like the barn doors will be opened and the guests will be facing it. How would I "hide" myself from everyone's veiw? Only building is a ways down the road (where ill be getting ready) and everyone will be facing the barn so that's out. I was thinking about havin a burlap arch door. Like I stand behind that with dad with the flaps of it closed then have my bridesmaids and grooms men walk on either side of it and meet in front of it then proceed to walk down together then when it's my turn to walk, I have my ushers pullback each side and there it we are, everyone can see us now then we just walk down the asle as normal. What do you think? There is no limo and I don't like the "wall" thing I keep reading about.

  7. Awesome inexpensive wedding decorations for a black & white theme?

    I am getting married & my colors are black & white. I don't want to break the bank on this wedding & reception so I am looking for anyone who has ideas & suggestions for "homemade" wedding decorations .... or if you have any suggestions on how to use the colors. We are planning an outdoor September wedding. If you have any really cheap websites for decor, that'd be useful as well!

  8. Should I have my wedding at out new house?

    My fiance and are buying a big old house on a big lot. We are remodeling the entire house. The yard is full of big trees. I want an outdoor wedding, and my bridesmaids want to have it in the yard of our new house. They said it would be great to decorate and put lights in those trees. What do you think, and if I do have it there, anyone have any good decorating ideas?

  9. Does anyone have great outdoor wedding decorating ideas?

    I am having a wedding July and it's going to be at my parent's cabin in the mountain. Reception is at the local restaurant but i need fun and classy decorating ideas for the ceramony.

  10. What wedding gift is it customary for a guest to give to the bride and groom of a Rajasthani wedding?

    I'm going to a Rajasthani wedding in India. I am a white American and am very excited to be attending the wedding. What type of gift should I get the bride and groom? I am friends with the groom.

  11. I need ideas for decorations for an outdoor wedding?

    The colors are black & white and the wedding is in the mountains at a private home. I need some good inexpensive diy ideas for decorating. I have already got the basic candles and twinkle lights covered. Help!

  12. Where can I find this decoration?

    I found a picture of the decorations I wanted for my outdoor wedding. Problem is, I have no idea where to find the tall poles. Help, please? Photo Link: http://www.jenmagazine.com/modest-wedding/modest-pictures/modestbridalgown.jpg

  13. What are some nice but portable decorations for an outdoor beach wedding?

    I need quick set up and take down stuff. I ready want this to look nice but be simple. I'm planning for the guest to sit on beach blankets but other then that have have nothing in mind so any ideas would be great. I really need this to be able to be sat up a few minutes before the wedding and be taken down right after the guest leave. It'll be south fl beach late afternoon early evening. I'm told its supost to be mild weather but warm weather around our date weather depending of course

  14. I need affordable wedding location ideas in bend oregon?? any ideas on wedding saver tips? June 28th wedding?

    I am paying for the wedding myself so any money saving ideas are greatly appreciated, i have looked into some places, but they are so expensive!! I just need ideas for an outdoor wedding im looking for a covered area with tables if anyone knows of anything in the area. I also need any ideas for photography and food ideas. Any ideas are great thank you all!!!!