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Inexpensive Small Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Small, inexpensive, intimate wedding ceremony ideas in south Florida?

    I would like to have a small summer wedding (May 2010) with approx 30-40MAX people in south Florida. I am looking for ideas to have a small, inexpensive, yet intimate wedding ceremony. For some reason my fiance has said no to having the ceremony in a park. Any ideas? Also, if you know of any recommended officiants that will conduct a nondenominational ceremony that would be great as well. Thanks!

  2. We are having a small wedding any ideas on the reception?

    We have already picked our venue and it is big enough to hole the wedding ceremony and the reception in the same place.We expect to have between 50-80 guests.And we have a low budget to work with the food is a problem and the entertainment as well.Help any advice we only have a few more months it's in July.

  3. What are some meaning full ideas for a small wedding ceremony?

    My boyfriend and I are getting married in April. We have 4 children and are ready for that commitment, finally! The ceremony will just be me, him, the pastor and our children. What would be a few inexpensive things we could do to make this day more special?

  4. Anyone Know of any desecent/inexpensive place to get married in New Orleans or Metairie?

    Our Date is either January 9 or 10 of 2010. I am still in school and am on a budget. We agreed to have a romantic intimate smaller wedding and was just wondering if anyone knew of any good places for that budget. Maybe like 50-75 people. I am really wanted a place that can do the ceremony and reception in same place. If anyone could give me some ideas I would greatly appreciate it!

  5. Did any of you know how stressful wedding planning could be?

    I had no idea wedding planning could be so stressful!!! I have gotten into arguements with my Mom, fiance` and Matron of Honor. Now to top it off my Bridesmaid is not happy with the dress but to me via email she is all fine and dandy about it all. I'm just shocked at all the attitudes and opinions. I thought that since this was a joyous occasion that things wouldn't be so dang stressful. Its just plain crazy!

  6. Where can I find tasteful yet inexpensive wedding shower gifts?

    I hope to find small, tasteful and practical gifts for the guests of a wedding shower I am hosting. I hope to find some out of the ordinary ideas, too.

  7. Where are the inexpensive wedding and reception venue in Houston, TX?

    Hi...I need ideas on a inexpensive wedding and reception venue in Houston, TX. For a small wedding no more than 75 people...will be March 2010. Looking for something in SW, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenburg, or Pearland areas. Budget no more than $1,000.00 Is this possible?

  8. What are some food ideas for a buffet style wedding reception?

    I need some inexpensive ideas of different types of food to serve at a buffet style wedding reception. The wedding is at the end of April. I am having the reception in a historic rustic barn. There are about 65 guests. I feel with such a small number of people, to get a caterer is spending more money than we have to. The reception begins at 5:30 pm. We can not have any candles or sterno type things due to fire codes and this barn is solid wood. Serious answers please, and thank you.

  9. How would you take this comment about our wedding?

    We've decided to go for an inexpensive backyard wedding without the frills and fancies to keep costs down. Also we have 6 children and other kids are also invited so we thought something informal would be nice. I was talking to a family friend about this the other day and she said "oh, that's fine for *your* wedding (with the emphasis on your). That's good enough for you guys. I felt quite offended but I don't know if I'm over reacting. How would you take that comment?

  10. What type of set-up do you recommend for my wedding cake?

    We are taking a cost-efficient approach to our wedding cake and will buy three pre-made 10" round cakes from the grocery store. We wanted to do a cascade design, but they are made for cakes that are three different sizes. For those of you who are creative, what do you recommend that we use to achieve a cascade design or a design of different heights. Thank you! Will vote best answer.

  11. Any ideas on how to throw a cheap, but fun bachelorette party?

    I am a poor college student who is lucky enough to be the maid of honor! I was wondering if anyone had some fun and cheap (key word there being cheap) ideas for throwing a bachelorette party? THANKS!

  12. What is the best business to put in a small college town that has a variety of different income?

    Some business ideas I thought of were along the lines of Used wedding evening gown shop. used baby clothes and etc. shop. A wings and hoagie to go or eat in joint. or a homemade pretzel shop that you could dip them into different types of butters with drinks and snacks. any suggestions which one would be best or any different ones you could think of and not a franchise.