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Small Wedding Ideas In Houston Questions Answered!

  1. How do you firm up your vision & start making decisions?

    I have been engaged for a few weeks. While my fiance & I have started thinking along the timeline idea, I am stumped when it comes to anything more it seems. We know we want something small. We're not opposed to running off somewhere by ourselves. If we do something local (Houston, TX area) we would likely invite less than 20 guests. This is a 2nd marriage for each of us. We want it to be special & memorable but low key. There are tons of choices, but none are pulling me yet! Any ideas?

  2. Looking for a nice Baptist church for wedding in houston tx?

    we are planning to have wedding around Nov or Dec this year and looking for a nice church that we can have our ceremony there. The church that we are going to now is in a small room, and i dont think we can have our ceremony there. Please give me any suggestion or let me know which church you think it has nice setting ... I really really appreciate it. Thanks

  3. I am getting married by the law only in the courthouse and i need ideas on what to wear or expect?

    My boyfriend asked me to marry him, we been dating for 2 and a half years and we just want to simply get married at the courthouse. i was wondering if anyone had any idea on what should i expect from this?(how many people can i invite, can i bring flowers?) any ideas on what should i wear? what should he wear and where can we go out to eat afterwords? i live in Houston Tx

  4. Any ideas for a fantastic wedding on a $1200 budget?

    I am trying to plan my brother's wedding and he gave me a $1200 budget for the whole wedding. I basically have a general idea of what NOT to do but everything else has been left open-ended. Does anyone have any ideas for how to make their wedding amazing and keep the budget down??? Please help!!! P.S. I know that $1200 is a stretch! But I'm really trying here!

  5. I'm super stressed i have a wedding in april but dont have a venue need ideas???? Wedding in Austin or Houston?

    I also have little to work with due to the recession HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  6. Any one knows any good receptions for a small wedding (250 people) in the houston tx area?

    links would be great! address too! if you know any detail about any one that you post up, please tell me!! thank you!! well small.. is 250, my fiancee him self can invite 300 people, I can invite 200. So big for us would be from 500-675 people.

  7. What are some inexpensive wedding reception locations near Houston, TX.?

    I plan on having a small wedding, 50-100 people but need some ideas for inexpensive places to have the reception in the Houston area. Please help.

  8. Any wedding planners or creative ppl with ideas?

    I want an elegant simple but glamerous but princess like wedding... My colors pink and dark brown.. I have no theme for the wedding. My dress is a little poofy with the pleats all around, and I am really not sure where to begin for a theme or decor. I know for all tables I will use whatever little centerpiece the facility offers but I need ideas for head table and just decor all around. I do know I dont want a whole bunch of flowers, but I do want some, and something with diamonds, something classy yet out there and different.. I am in Houston Katy Area if anyone actually is a wedding planner. Thanks

  9. Affordable Houston Wedding Reception halls. Any ideas?

    Hello, I'm working on a $3,000 to $4,000 budget with about 160 guests. Wedding is being planned for OCT2012. Does anyone have any ideas for venues/reception halls that might suit my budget? I'm looking for indoor traditional wedding. Reception halls that include packages would be even better (to include catering budget can stretch to about $4,500) and within about a rough25 minute estimate from downtown. Please help me. Thanks in advanced.

  10. Any ideas for a night out in Houston area for anniversary?

    It will be our 10 year wedding anniversary ~ but we met when we were 15 & 16 years old (18 yrs ago). We work together (growing a small business) and we have 2 children. Things are great - we are just real busy and have a lot of stress. Is there anything to do in the Houston / Woodlands area that is fun & different? We don't really have time to get out and do anything, so if we do I want him to have a great time, and be entertained.

  11. Last minute gift idea for girlfriend?

    I still have a week so it's not so very last minute! Her birthday is next week, she turns 22 (i turn 23 in april.) we've known each other since we were in high school in 2001. been dating for half a year now, and i'm drawing blanks on a gift. For Valentine's i took her to the best french restaurant in houston, and bought her a small $200 white gold diamond necklace. I'm planning on proposing soon, so i know she'll be getting a big diamond ring within a couple months. But for her birthday, i'm not sure what to get her. we're going to go out to eat fri, sat, and sunday, so dining out is taken care. we're also going to be in houston, san antonio, and college station, so sight seeing and road trips are out of the question. I'm just looking for a gift. she likes baseball, but always has tickets. she loves movies, and already has hundreds of them. she likes country music, so we're going to the rascal flatts concert next month. any ideas? it'll be a $100-$300 gift she already has tons of baseball memorabilia, a whole closet full! and i've got a budget people! come on! we already go out all of the time. i just want to give her something small, and not too expensive.

  12. Need help!!! ADVICE Wedding in 8 months in houston tx?

    Hello me and my bf wanna get married in or around September we live in Houston does anybody know where we can rent a hall cheap we don't need nothing big or fancy it will be a small wedding. guests maybe 50 people maybe! We are trying to stay in budget no more than 5,000 dollars also does anyone have any decor ideas i love red or burgendy color . And DJ we will,be playing rnb any help is appreciated thanks

  13. Location for a big party in Houston, TX?

    My fiance and I are planning a small wedding, and we are looking for a nice, big, venue on the inexpensive side to host a party a few months after our wedding, prior to our honeymoon. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. A place that is aesthetically pleasing is important to me, that offers catering, bar, dance floor, room for a band, etc Thanks!

  14. 20 year wedding anniversary?

    Ok our 20 year wed anniversary is coming up in July. Give me a plan? A three stepper maybe? I am trying to decide where in Houston I can take her out. Someone suggested Damien’s. That is about as high as my wallet can go. What else? And where else? I have known her for 30 years and I think I am running out of ideas.... help. Must be in Houston

  15. What to wear... for my small, simple wedding?

    I'm having my wedding in a couple of weeks. It was real short notice for everyone and kinda a spontaneous thing and isn't meant to be anything big and fancy. It's located in Houston at a private room in a restaurant called Las Alamedas (www.lasalamedas.com), which I hear is reaaaally beautiful. It's going to be a real small wedding- about 25-30 people- mostly close relatives and a few good friends... no bridesmaids or groomsmen. Anyway, I'm not sure what to wear. I'm not getting a wedding dress but any ideas as to what style dress I should wear? And what color? I thought white at first... but since this whole thing isn't very traditional... it doesn't have to be. Just want a pretty dress that I look gorgeous in for this special occasion. Any ideas are appreciated... :) Thanks!