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Romantic Small Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. does anyone know an affordable reception hall in Long Island?

    I am looking to have a small wedding about 65 people in Long Island, but I am on a tight budget, looking to spend about $60-$65 per person, and someplace that the food is great, and the place is romantic and beautiful, If anyone has any ideas please let me know, thank you so much for your help.

  2. would a champage wedding gown with choclate brown and a inbetween blue go good togather?

    september wedding i am wear Champagne dress maid of Honor in Chocolate brown and he in a sport coat With all the colors including a very pretty blue. he is also wearing Champagne pants and a champagne tie. it is a very small romantic wedding with reception at my mom home.

  3. How to have a wedding on the beach?

    I wanna have a small beach wedding with like 100 or less people at jekyll island in ga. How do I do that

  4. Where can we have a nice destination wedding?

    My fiance and I have decided we want to get married someplace on the beach at a hotel that will take care of everything for us with an inexpensive wedding package. We are planning on inviting our families to the wedding. What are some ideas fora an inexpensive destination wedding in the US. We live in the midwest so the east coast please. We do not want to go to California to get married. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. What has been the most romantic or unforgettable thing or experience in a wedding you ever seen?

    I am looking for something my guests will never forget, a romantic unforgetable experience, some small detail they will always remember. Thank you for your ideas.

  6. Does anyone have ideas for a small second wedding ceremony?

    I am planning to get married again in a few months. I want something very small ( maybe just me & him) and simple, yet intimate & memorable also. I am also on a very limited budget (around $1000.00). I know it can be done. I just don't really know how to pull it all together. I have thought about a destination wedding such as Gatlinburg, TN or Florida, maybe even the mountain region of Alabama. I live in MS so these are close by. But I would also love to have a small wedding here with our families if I could figure out how to pull it off. I need ideas for the location, reception, & ceremony - to make it romantic & memorable. I have 3 children that I would love to include in some way. But I don't have alot of money for fancy clothes, flowers,lots of food, & all the other wedding stuff. I'm not working, going to college & money is tight. Any responses are appreciated. Thanks for helping plan my wedding!

  7. What kind of wedding dress would fit someone with a huge bust?

    I'm a 34G and everwhere else small, including being short. What style would be best?

  8. Is it too early to have our wedding 2 and a half months after our baby is born?

    We wanted to have children and have started to plan our wedding next august. Pregnancy came a little earlier than expected and if all goes well, our baby will be born in early june next year. Certain members of our family are encouraging us to postpone the wedding, they don't think we'll be able to enjoy our wedding so soon after having a baby. Does anyone have experiences to share to help us make our decision to postpone or not?

  9. What does woman like for their wedding anniversary?

    2nd year anniversary, any ideas from woman will be appreciated.

  10. What is a good theme to have at a wedding reception?

    I am not sure what theme I want at my reception, Las Vegas seems too extravagant but I want something exciting yet refined. Any ideas?

  11. I am having a vey small wedding around 40 people, do you think I can still have the traditional first dance?

    I'm really anxious about that whole wedding deal, I still want a nice and romantic wedding even if for many reasons we can't have a big one. People will be coming from out of town and sometimes even from very far (Europe). I am OK with the wedding being small but feel very bad about not having any dancing at all, would it look too ridiculous to have a DJ for such a small wedding, do you have any idea of what I can do about this? Or even personal experience? I am really really stressed out about this wedding thing and would really appreciate some help! Thank you

  12. What is a proper gift you should give your new wife at or after the wedding ?

    I'm completely clueless as to what is an apropiated gift to give your wife after the ceremony. My buget is limited to not more than $ 100-200 dollars. Can anyone help with some creative ideas please, wedding is in Dec 4 th

  13. What is the best wedding proposal idea?

    I want to propose to my girlfriend and i want to do it in a unique way... any ideas? i would like to do it around christmas time