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Diy Wedding Ideas Centerpieces Questions Answered!

  1. Who had a true DIY wedding and ideas do you have to share?

    I'm getting married and my fiance and I will be having a DIY wedding. This wedding will be beautiful and I just know it! So was your wedding a true DIY wedding and do you have any ideas to share. I'm collecting ideas for my wedding binder!

  2. How do I calculate costs for DIY wedding flowers?

    I'm planning on creating my own flower arrangements for my wedding but I'm running into issues when I try to calculate costs. I have no idea how many flowers I need for the arrangements. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways I can calculate this ahead of time? Or know of a book or website that will give me some instructions? Thanks!

  3. Does anyone have ideas for a wedding on a budget?

    My fiancee and I are thrilled to be getting married in April, and have a lot of planning to do. We also have very little to spend. We live in Southern California (Orange County) and all we know is we have a great pastor who will be marrying us. (Wow, do we have alot of planning to do!) Anyone have any suggestions for locations, receptions, or unique and cost-effective ideas for any other aspects of weddings? Thanks!!!

  4. What did you do as DIY projects for your wedding?

    I need ideas for what all can be done DIY for our wedding.