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Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How involved was your groom while planning your wedding?

    Was he involved in generating ideas, looking at wedding dresses/wedding party attire, cakes, venues, decorations/themes, invitations, etc? I am planning a fall outdoor wedding all by myself and my groom hasn't really showed any interest at all in helping me pick out things. He doesn't even seem excited. Is this normal? Are weddings supposed to be a "bride thing"?

  2. what is some decoration ideas for fall wedding receptions?

    im getting married on october 6 this yr and need some decoration ideas and tips for fall weddings. i havent decided what to decorate the tables and everything in.... i would like the decorations to be elegant but yet laid back, my cake colors are burgundy and ivory, so i could play off those and still do a fall themed reception also, do you think?

  3. Can anyone give me wedding decoration ideas?

    I'm planning a wedding for my barbies (I don't care if you think that's stupid. It's actually fun). Anyways, so I need suggestions for decorations for the reception? Any ideas? Thanks!

  4. Where to have a fall wedding?

    I live in Northern Indiana and I've always wanted a fall wedding outside...but problem is I don't know where would be a great place to have it? If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. Can someone list different wedding themes for me?

    Need just a list of different themes you could use at a wedding. In addition to that, could you have a easter wedding and if so what type of theme would it be? Also, what about christmas weddings?

  6. what are the best wedding ideas that are affordable?

    we are getting married in september of next year and i really need some help or ideas to help me plan the wedding. i need ideas that are either original or traditional but ideas that are also affordable . we have the colors picked out already, they are white, light purple and a darker purple.i would really appreciate any help. thanks.

  7. Having a Fall Navy Blue Wedding Theme, need ideas for bridal party and decorations?

    My future husband wants us to have the bridal party in navy blue dresses. What other colors go well with this color? I am thinking of maybe having the girls in a dress that has a sash. Going to have all silk bouquets, for a memory to last forever. Please help us with ideas.

  8. i havent go a a clue where to start wedding?

    me and my fiance are planning on getting married july 2011. the thing is i havent got a clue what i need to do!! like with the flowers and stuff. i dont want a wedding planner. i just havent got a clue. what do i need for my big day. sorry if this questioln sounds really stupid x

  9. What are some good ideas for my wedding?

    Okay, Im getting married this September coming and I'd like some good ideas for food, decorations, music, or anything. Any advise or suggestions?

  10. What are some ideas for Do-It-yourself country/rustic wedding favors and decorations?

    I am on a budget so most of my wedding is going to be DIY. Our theme is hunting/country western and our colors are camouflage and blaze orange. Does anyone have any ideas for DIY favors or decorations that would go along with a hunting/country theme?

  11. What made a wedding memorable to you?

    I am looking for ideas to make my wedding memorable- What are some things that really stood out to you at weddings you have attended as being fun, cool, romantic, etc. Thanks!

  12. Does any one have a cheap idea for covering chairs at a wedding to make them look a little better?

    I am getting married in the fall outside. We have just the plain metal chairs and I was wondering if any one had a cheap idea to make them look a little better.

  13. How much does a small wedding cost?

    My fiance and I are a young couple. We are both 19 years old, but we are in love. We want to get married this coming up summer. How much does a small wedding cost?

  14. What should I do with/who should I give all of my leftover wedding decorations?

    Was a Fall theme, so I have mostly fall type stuff, like fall leaf garlands, sunflower/nut and berry wreaths, a scarecrow doll, stuff like that, and I also have about 20 large silver bows and a total of about 50 yards of ivory tulle (cut into varied lengths but most are fairly long). Was thinking along the lines of Goodwill and/or Craig's List... any additional/better ideas?