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Martha Stewart Diy Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are good DIY items for wedding party favors?

    And other DIY wedding ideas. We like the floating lanterns, which will be done with clear jars. Suggestions? Yeah the lanterns are decoration, and the floating candles I just recently starting thinking about is centerpieces. We found all kinds of things online through google, but the problem is it's the SAME THING over and over again.

  2. What is the best Wedding Magazine to buy?

    What is your favorite? What is the worst?

  3. Hey anyone have advice on how to have a wedding on a 2000 to 3000 dollar budget?

    Me and my fiance want to have a nice wedding with out having to get married in the court house...We are trying to save for a house and we have 2 small boys so we really don't have a lot of money for a big wedding. So can any one help us !! ??

  4. How can I keep my wedding within our small budget of $8,500?

    My fiance and I are working with a budget of $8,500 at the moment. We're in NY. We don't own a home where we can hold the reception. We want a semi-formal wedding, and we'll be inviting about 50 guests. Any money-saving ideas? We plan to be married in May of 2010.

  5. artist theme wedding. any ideas on what to do for party favors and cake?

    i have no idea what to do for party favors. anyone got creative ideas? they want to have paintbrushes incorporated into everything if possible. any ideas at all would be helpful.

  6. Need Advice on Registering for a Wedding?

    I'm planning my wedding for July. My fiance and I have no idea how to register for our wedding, particularly as far as letting people know about it. I'm not going to make a wedding website, and our wedding is going to be pretty low-key and DIY. Do I include a list of places we're registered in the invitations? If not, how do I let people know? Also, we already live together and have most of the household stuff that you usually register for. The only things we need would be pretty expensive like a kitchen island or maybe an actual silver set. I could use more shelves, but I feel like I shouldn't register for lumber.... Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm truly at a loss.

  7. diy garden wedding reception ideas?


  8. Does anyone have any inexpensive wedding ideas in San Antonio, TX?

    Looking for expensive ceremony decor ideas, centerpieces, florist, favors and more. correction that should be INEXPENSIVE Details Church wedding, 150 guest, dinner reception, black and white with red accents. Trying to stay simple yet elegant. Budget $7,000

  9. Black color wedding centerpieces?

    my brother is getting marry in 2 weeks.....i need ideas on black and white centerpieces that are easy to make and affortable since i only have 2 weeks to get them done (no flower) and also how to decorate a table for the wishing bowl

  10. is there any DIY sites?

    i'm looking for sites that have DIY projects for weddings. I'm on Pinterest already, but looking for other sites as well. I'm mainly wanting stuff, like where you can get candle sticks at Dollar Tree, some pans, spray paint and you got a super cute food platter

  11. Do it yourself wedding favours?

    Hi...I need immediate help. I'm having my wedding on Wednesday and the person who was going to make my wedding favours backed out on me last minute. It's a small wedding (40 people) so I was looking for ideas on what I can do for the favours. I'm also wondering if anybody knows if I can get a personalized ribbon done in one day for these do it yourself gifts. I appreciate any and all advice.

  12. trying to decide on wedding invites?

    my goal is to be a DIY bride. and my first project is the wedding invites i started to order my card stock but realized i have no idea what size or weight it should be? did you make yours? and what kind of paper did you order??

  13. Ideas for a carnival backyard wedding?

    I'm getting married in 11 months in my grandparents backyard. Our theme is carnival. I've looked at practically every wedding site for other peoples wedding ideas but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. We are trying to save money and I would like to do a lot of diy's. I'm thinking of having mason jars as glasses with the barber stripe straws, we're making customized wrist bands with our wedding date on it. We chose to have a photobooth, caricature artist, balloon artist and a couple games to play also. Our colors are cherry red, aqua, and cotton candy pink. I just don't want the wedding to turn into a corny wedding. Any other fun ideas or items that will get the guest involved or help stand out?

  14. Help for a DIY wedding! Please and thank you!?

    Well our budget is 12,000 My family is very creative, my aunts have taken flower arrangement class, uncles own a catering company, my mom loves throwing parties.. Anyways I was wondering what were some good DIY websites/ideas! My wedding colors are pink/white and maybe some gold I like the classic wedding look with lots of flowers Lastly does anyone know of a good website on how to make a flower arrangement with a really tall vase? Like what kind of vase do floristes use?