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Vintage Diy Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. I need your opinion on my vases idea for the wedding?

    I'm having a vintage eclectic handmade wedding. Kind of a shabby chic style. It's going to be a DIY wedding on small budget. For the wedding reception I wanted to use different types of large vases for the tables. I came up with this great idea to use vases from my home. My parents own about 12 tall vases in all different shapes. Some vases are clear, one is off white, one is lavender (my wedding color), and one is green (my other wedding color). What do you think about my idea?

  2. I am trying to find a simple but elegant DIY wedding invite.?

    Our wedding is simple but classy vintage.

  3. Wedding ideas? Theme?

    I am struggling for ideas for our diy wedding on a shoe string budget. I want the day to incorporate both mine and my fiances personalities. Ive got a million ideas to incorporate what i like, it is my fiance i am struggling with. We are getting married in our local church or registry office and then holding the reception in the church hall. We need ideas for decorating the church hall, tables, favours,etc. We have decided to have a rock band for entertainment and our relatives are throwing a buffet for the evening. We also need an idea of something hot to serve for the wedding breakfast for 125 people that won't cost too much and is easy to do. I like vintage/ retro fashion, fairy lights, all music especially rock, good food n cooking, sparkly things, candles, films and singing. My fiance likes riding motorbikes (yamaha and aprilia the most), watching darts, loves playing pool and snooker and watching it, watching moto GP, he is a match fisherman, rock music (especially 80s rock bands), watching football, cricket, lives in shorts, hot weather, and enjoys ala carte food & is salad cream mad! but he doesn't like tacky. Any ideas really appreciated. We haven't bought anything yet.

  4. what color should i spray paint....?

    i'm planning on spray painting my locker gear stuff 'cause i don't like the color anymore.. i'm going a with a vintage theme. would you say pastel pink or robins egg/ pale blue..... all opinions and suggestions accepted!! also if you had some decor ideas it would be awesome!! i like this type of stuff (the butterflies, not the cones) to go on magnets. http://www.oncewed.com/7160/diy-paper-wedding-cones-2/

  5. For my wedding i want a Shabby Chic/Vintage theme?

    Im after lots of ideas..pictures, websites, I want table set up examples, diy ideas - basically anything will help! I would be so grateful for any input! Thanks very much :-)

  6. Wedding Place card Holder?

    I'm not a very crafty person, but considering the price of the holder I wanted some ideas for DIY wedding place card holders, I thought about glueing the cards to a toothpick or a stick, but not sure what I could stick it in to hold it up. My wedding is outside so I need something sturdy in case of wind. Thanks!!!

  7. vintage wedding ideas?

    We are getting married this September. We are having a backyard wedding. We want it to have a simple and vintage feel. Our colors are navy blue and golden yellow. Any cute vintage, unique and money saving ideas would be great. Thanks. :)

  8. Pushing Daisies themed wedding?

    I am thinking about having a "Pushing Daisies" themed wedding. I don't want it too over-the-top, but I want subtle nods to my favorite show! I was thinking about serving different types of pie (nod to The Piemaker) and an assortment of cheeses during appetizer time (nod to Aunts Lily and Vivian), but I don't know what else. Do you have any other suggestions?

  9. I need decoration ideas for my birthday party...?

    I'm having an 18th birthday party and I want it to be very light and vintage inspired. The theme colors are white/off white and brown (inspiration here: http://weddinggawker.com/). I love everything about the spring wedding style this year and I want to bring it into my birthday party. Do any of you have ideas for decorations? Preferably diy or very cheap. Thanks!

  10. i am looking for away to honor my deceased mother and grandfather in my wedding bouquet..how can i do that?

    i am wanting to use a orange butterfly and a blue rose in memory of my mother and grandfather in my bouquet how can i do that

  11. Vintage themed wedding?

    Any ideas for anything will be great. I already have the invitations. I'm up for anything DIY. Any general advice would be appreciated, too. Thanks. :)

  12. whimsical wedding ideas?

    originally we were going to go with a evening dinner,a mermaid wedding gown candles and candelabras. but after a while we decided we would like something a little bit lighter so we decided to go with a whimsical lunch to early evening small intimate reception with a pretty spaghetti strap ball gown http://www.jlmcouture.com/Jim-Hjelm-Blush/Bridal/Spring/2012/Style-1201 we decided this because dim light is nice but after a while it starts to drive me crazy. we wanted a lighter more childlike feel. we have birdcage centerpieces with flowers inside and pinwheels. we were also thinking a small tiny cake to cut and cupcakes for the guests. we also have test tube flower vases and mini champagne buckets. http://www.sweettraders.com/images/Chocolate_Covered_Laurent_Perrier_Bucket_Champagne.jpg http://www.tudorks.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/testtubevase.jpg http://bios.weddingbee.com/pics/48585/birdcage_flower_centerpiece2.jpg http://www.weddingcakespictures.org/wedding-cake-cupcakes.jpg but other than that we don'tt have any other ideas. any suggestion? thank you very much.

  13. party ideas: need help?

    my 21st birthday is comming up and im stuck for party idea's. i was thinking 80's theme as i was born in the 80's... but i dont know. has anyone got any idea's? thanks .