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Vintage Wedding Ideas For Reception Questions Answered!

  1. I'm having a vintage wedding and I need some help on my vases idea for the wedding reception?

    I'm having a vintage, eclectic wedding with a shabby chic flare to it. Our wedding will be on a small budget. For the reception, I plan using different vases that I will be collecting around my house. I might have to buy more vases from thrift stores if I don't have enough. Can you help me find pictures online that show a vintage decorated table using different types of vases? I want to see pictures how my idea will look. Thank you!!

  2. What are some fun vintage items that we can use for wedding reception centerpieces?

    We're having a vintage-themed wedding this next summer and we're looking for cool items to use as centerpieces. So far, we're thinking of using: old books, candlestick phones, old maps, gas lanterns, bottles, pens, suitcases, maybe some boxes, telescopes... Does anyone have any really good ideas? Our colors are going to be largely black, white, and navy blue, with bright yellow as a fun accent color (especially in the summer). Brown will probably also be an incidental color if we use a lot of these items, but we're not too worried about that, haha. We also really want to use the aesthetic of movie posters or magic shows, which could be really fun, and maybe some items could fit into that. Does anyone have any good ideas?

  3. I'm looking for a place in Orlando to hold my vintage inspired wedding reception. Any ideas?

    To give you a little more info, my wedding will be in january of 2011. My colors are plum, silver, and ivory. There will be about 150 people at the most, so i need a pretty good amount of room. I'm not a huge fan of hotel ballrooms, unless it has a vintage feel to it. And when i say vintage, i mean kind of like a 40's glam thing.

  4. Do you have any elegant, rustic, vintage, handmade wedding ideas?

    My fiance and I are getting married on a very small budget way under $10,000. Our wedding reception will be in a hall that was built in the 1800's. It's a beautiful place! I'm looking for some elegant, rustic, vintage, handmade wedding ideas? I'm making just about every wedding decoration for the wedding reception. Do you have some ideas or websites that would help me out? Thank you! :)

  5. What is the difference between a modern Wedding and a vintage wedding?

    I would Like to know the difference in terms of ceremony and reception and the dress. Is there a specific difference? I've looked at pictures and I haven't been able to see any difference and definition wise doesn't really help. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

  6. What do I wear to an afternoon wedding, evening reception?

    I will be attending a wedding in Arizona, in January. Its an afternoon wedding, evening reception and I am at a loss of what to wear. The days are warm, and the evenings are cold. I don't mind wearing a shawl or something, but I don't make myself look any older than I am (25). Please help!!

  7. What colors go good with a dark purple wedding?

    I'm thinking dark purple for the bridesmaid dresses but really nerd ideas on what colors and how to decorate our reception.

  8. How can i achieve the themes i want in my wedding?

    My favourite styles are bohemian and vintage. My partner is a more modern person. i also want the wedding to feel romantic too - our colors are black silver and deep purple I want to put all our tastes into one theme and im not sure how to decorate my reception - ive thought of fairy lights, tea candles and rectangular silver laterns. Does anyone have any ideas to make it more special and unique Thanks (include pics links whatever)

  9. Is having a Alice in wonderland, mad hatter tea party themed wedding a stupid idea?

    I have always LOVED Alice in Wonderland, and don't want a boring plain traditional wedding (no offence) but I want to make it really pretty and not tacky by having it decorated using vintage laces and had lovely tea sets and flowers etc any other ideas?

  10. What gifts should I give our parents at out wedding?

    My husband and I are wanting to give our parents gifts on our wedding day, but we can't think of anything to give them. Any ideas?

  11. where is the best place in san antonio to have a wedding?

    My sister is getting married in 2011. we are starting to get ideas together but the one thing my soon to be brother-inlaw and sister can't figure out is where to get married in san antonio,texas and where the reception should be at? Any suggestions? please help we need ideas. All she knows is that she wants a vintage/old style wedding,like very history like. Maybe missions?

  12. Need help finding a reception hall or ballroom for a wedding?

    I'm planing a wedding in the near future and i am looking for a hall or ballroom where my reception can be held. I'm looking for a place that has that vintage feel, want it to be a very art-deco style reception. The MOST important thing I'm looking for is a checkered tile floor! Any one have an idea? We live in Long Beach CA. Thank You for your help!

  13. What's a nice place for a wedding reception ?

    Chinese or American place, not planning to have a real big wedding just a nice and cozy ok sized place, anywhere in Seattle or Bellevue