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Modern Vintage Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Need some ideas for vintage inspired wedding?

    I am getting married in october of this year and i need some ideas for the wedding in general...any ideas would be great. we want to have red as the main color (it is both of our fav color) but we also want to have a vintage theme. like my ring is vintage inspired and i intend on having a vintage style dress but what are other ideas for...flowers? decorations? favors ....etc thanks!

  2. Where can you find nice wedding dresses and fun bridesmaid dresses under $100 per dress?

    Any help would be great. I'm an extremely poor bride to be and and was wondering if any had any advice on where to go for wedding dresses that are not poorly made but that are inexpensive. I'd love to find some fun dresses for my bridesmaids as well which won't ruin their pocket books either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. How can I incorporate antique furniture in a little girls room?

    I am getting a mahogany 4 poster, full-sized bed along with matching dresser and night stand from my mom and I want to put it in my daughter's room, she's 3, how can I make it fun and girly, all the design mags have all white furniture in girls' rooms. Any pictures you can share or other tips?

  4. What's a fresh, modern look for my groom?

    I am recently engaged, and as I'm working on my wedding plans I've decided that I am not into the whole tuxedo/suit concept completely. I'm looking for a twist on the idea of a classical suit or tux. Any suggestions?

  5. japanese wedding kimono, should it be simple or has a lot of embroidery?

    Im looking to buy vintage japanese wedding kimono, uchikake. but I just wonder since they have a lot of detail, I want it to be a really traditional. anyone know how to suspect which one is a real vintage and traditional kimono? or the modern? what about the pattern? should it be a lot more pattern or just a simple crane pattern? please help. thank you!

  6. Fresh ideas for wedding with 1920's flare?

    I like modern but i also like a vintage 1920's themed wedding. I really want to combine the two without going over the top. I want to keep it simple and elegant. Does anyone have any ideas? My wedding colors are navy and slade gray with white flowers and peacock feathers. I also like ostrich feathers but not sure how to use them combined with everything else.

  7. What are some unique wedding dresses?

    I like them short and fluffy, bows pearls ect... Any ideas? I'm 18

  8. I am looking for a unique location for both a wedding ceremony and reception in Milwaukee, WI. Any ideas?

    I have already looked into the art museum, but its too $$. I am looking for something modern. Thanks

  9. Tiffany Blue and Black & White Damask wedding?

    My wedding is Tiffany Blue with Black & White Damask. I would like suggestions on ways to spruce this up. I will also be having pearls as an accent and I like the idea of modern vintage. Please help!!

  10. Can you help me find a wedding dress?

    I want something that has a vintage, romantic and elegant feel that is still chic, modern and a little glamorous. Can you help? I'd prefer that it be fitted so please pick dresses that have sheath, mermaid, fit n' flare or trumpet silhouettes. I actually wasn't the one that gave thumbs down to all of those answers. I was very thankful for all of the help I received. Sorry that you were mistaken.

  11. Any unique ideas for 2-Story Entry Wall?

    Upon entering my townhouse there is a large, 2-story wall, along which the stair runs up. It is such a great canvas but I want to do something unique with it other than a plain color or painting. I have been looking at interior brick but havent gotten far. It does Not have to be a "do it yourself" - i want it to look professional. Any unique ideas would be great :) Any specific links or pictures would be very helpful too!