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Wedding Decoration Ideas For Reception Questions Answered!

  1. Wedding wedding wedding on the brain any good wedding websites?

    I am planning my wedding with limited time and need to know of any really good wedding websites that will give me good information, prices, details... on wedding decoration. I need to transform my reception with a lot of color. Real companies I can order from - not just ideas or pictures. Please help me with my wedding planning.

  2. What are good Jungle Wedding Decoration ideas?

    I'm planning a different type of reception for my wedding. I want it jungle themed, because my soon-to-be husband and I both share a love for animals of all sorts. I have a few ideas but I need more ideas to make it work. Serious replies only PLEASE!

  3. What are some good wedding decoration ideas that will stand out?

    My fiance and I are getting married July 26, 2008 and we have most of the planning organized.. My aunt is a wedding coordinator with her own business.. but we are just looking for one kind of decorative thing to stand out... i really didnt want to go with a theme because i would have to match everything together and remember im trying to keep it inexpensive... any ideas on what to go with the horse and carriage decorations... ? my colors are Pink, Red, and white. its not a big wedding.... but very nice.. we have a horse and carriage built and its white its for when we march down the aisle and take our pics standing on... cant really explain it.. but it will be pretty.. someone gave me the ideas to make it look dreamy, luminous, and romantic with white lights and candles... do anyone else have any ideas...? it will be greatly appreciated... dont hestitate to give your input...

  4. Indoor Garden theme wedding decorations help please?

    I am planning a garden theme wedding for July of 2009. I am struggling because I am doing an indoor wedding reception and don't know a good way to decorate and need some ideas. I was thinking something like bubble bowls filled with flowers, but I'm concerned that will be too plain... I need ideas for center peices and other decoration ideas as well.

  5. Beautiful tea party wedding decoration ideas?

    I've got so many ideas and there are so many options for decorating. Have you seen anything that particularly stood out to you? The reception food at our wedding is in a marquee and the ceremony is in a large room with dark wood floors cream walls and an old fashioned fireplace. The wedding isn't super formal but not mega casual either and it's a summer wedding. It's not exactly themed but it's kind of old english garden tea party style. I'd like things that aren't too expensive or that I could maybe make myself any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  6. What to do with a wedding reception picking cherries/country theme?

    I need some ideas for theme. My wedding reception will be June 6th in Lancaster, Ca. There are lots of beautiful cherry farms. Thought we'd get great pics with about 20-30 people. Having BBQ at my mom's ten acre ranch with miniature ponies. Any ideas to incorporate the cherry/country theme?

  7. What is the best site for ideas for wedding reception decoration ideas?

    I want sites that have an actual picture, not just words describing what to do.

  8. Looking for Cinderella wedding theme ideas for ceremony and reception?

    For the year 2012 maybe sooner. Any ideas would be appreciated. We love Navy Blue, What would go great with that color?

  9. How to make my wedding reception unique?

    How to make my wedding look unique? Were having a traditional style wedding, but I want to maybe spice it up a bit? What are some cool ideas to make the wedding reception something to remember?

  10. Is it more affordable to have my wedding reception catered or to buy food to cook myself?

    Im jotting down ideas for my wedding and the venue I want is going cost me $4000! Which is a third of my budget so I want to think of ways to stay within budget so which would probably cost more? Catering or buying the food to cook myself?

  11. What is the average amount people spend on their wedding decorations?

    I have to do a report for my sociology class, and I have a marraige partner and everything. and i have the cost for my dress and rings and all that, and now im doing the decorations. i have no idea how much i should go about spending on all them. how much have you people who are married spent for the total on decorations?