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Romantic Vintage Wedding Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. I'm having an Enchanted Secret Garden themed wedding. The colors are pink and green. Does anyone have ideas?

    I'm having an Enchanted Secret Garden themed wedding and the wedding is in November ( fall ) but my colors are pink and green. I need some idea's on centerpieces and cakes and decorations and flowers and pretty much everything lol. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. why does teenager girls want to where grunge?

    13 yrs old wants to where grunge clothes?

  3. When is it necessary to throw out clothes.?

    I have no idea how to sort clothes can you please please tell me this : What To Keep: What To Give Away: What Could Become Sleepwear: What To Throw Away: any additional information would be appreciated, please take this seriously i really need advice. * fingers crossed * 1O points[:

  4. For my wedding reception I'd like to have a theme around "time" and time passing, any ideas?

    We are planning on using old clocks as table centerpieces and old family photos behind the clocks so no one has to stare at the back of a clock. It is being held in a mansion that is over 100 years old. What else can I do to play up the theme of time, or time passing? I also want to include the idea of marriage being timeless. I need ideas on decor basically.

  5. Ideas for alternative lighting for my wedding?

    My sister got married in the same church that I'm going to get married in, but it seemed to me that the fluorescent lighting in the building made it less than romantic and took away some of the class. I want to fix this by leaving the lights off for my wedding and using Christmas lights to illuminate the inside of the church. However, I'm not sure that just Christmas lights will be enough! :/ any ideas how i can make it brighter but not spend a fortune on lighting???

  6. some fun, romantic, unique ways to have an inexpensive marriage ceremony?

    my beautiful fiance and i have been wanting to 'tie the knot' for some time now, but finances always seem to put it on hold. (second marriage for both of us) we have 4 children at home 2 mine, one his, and one 'ours', orginally i wanted a 'vintage' wedding but now i think it's more important to both of us to get married, but i want it to be so special for us and our close family and friends. i don't really want to go for the 'registry' office marriage, so anyone with some great inspiring ideas that don't cost the earth would be greatly appreciated.thanks

  7. Romantic Photo session location?

    My engagement session is coming up and our wedding is Vintage Elegance theme.. we are looking for a perfect location...need ideas soon!! hes wearing a suit (no tie) and im wearing a dress.. pls help!! Areas: Orange County, Los Angeles, and Inland Empire only!! thanks!

  8. Having trouble picking my wedding colors, please Help me!!?

    My wedding is going to be in October. I don't want to have orange as my main color. I want my wedding to be elegant, clean and fun. I want people to walk into my wedding and say look at all the amazing beautiful flowers. Please help!! I am hoping to get comments back, on great sites I can find floral arragements and helping me find my wedding colors. PS-colors i like- green, white, reds, pink, gold, silver, black, brown. O and I am having a garden wedding

  9. Looking for a very romantic, maybe secludedplace in the U.S. excluding Hawaii to have a very Simple vintage?

    Vintage style Wedding. I am planning this as a surpise for my Step daughter. This is her snd wedding & her husbands second wedding. One is catholic the other is jewish, so a chirch will not work. SOmewhere they can elope with about 10 friends & family, perhaps even take their small children, and then remain for their Honeymoon. Neither care for cold weather too much. They were going to just go to Vegas, but I am planning this as a surprise gift from her dad & me. maybe near a waterfall, a pretty mountain, a beach I am at a loss dor ideas. I only know that she got very sick in Greece and was in the I.C.U at a very primative hospiatal abut 10 years ago, so she weill not leave the United States. would appreciate any unique, original ideas very much

  10. Subtle Western Romantic Wedding?

    I would really like a western themed wedding but I want it to be more subtle than just out right western things. I am having an outdoor wedding and I figured out the centerpieces (they are going to be 4 horseshoes welded together with a large candle in the middle of them). I was wondering of other ideas that I could do. Any ideas would be helpful!