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Vintage Wedding Ideas Guests Questions Answered!

  1. Do people still give out wedding favors?

    I am getting married in two months and was wondering whether or not to give out wedding favors. We are having a vintage carnival style wedding with only 75 people, but we are already paying for everyone's accommodation and breakfast the next morning. If we should still give a wedding favor, please help with a few ideas, nothing too expensive ( as the wedding is already costing us a fortune) or corny please.

  2. ideas for individual containers for candy buffet?

    We're having a vintage/rustic-feel wedding. I have the large containers for different candy, but can you guys please give me suggestions for creative, CHEAP containers that guests can fill and take home? Thanks!

  3. Creative ideas on how to use multiple rooms at a venue?

    Our wedding is at a historic mansion and I need ideas on how to use all the rooms. We have 2 rooms upstairs left and 1 room downstairs and I'd like some creative ideas on how to use them. My theme is vintage/shabby chic and I want to use all the rooms if possible. We are on a budget so it can't be anything extravagant- many thanks!

  4. How to keep a wedding 'green' yet inexpensive?

    My fiance and I would like our wedding to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Recyclable products, organic foods and flowers, etc. However, every time I research the prices (especially for foods and flowers) the number skyrockets. Though his parents can afford to pay a wedding 5x as expensive as the one we want, we're not willing to go over our small budget we've set for ourselves. (7-8k) Anyone know how to cut corners while being 'green?' Or of any environmental-friendly deals?

  5. What's a good theme for a black and white wedding?

    I'll most likely have a third accent color... probably red. I was just thinking that decorating with a theme would be fun and more memorable for guests. Any ideas?

  6. I am trying to organise our wedding. I have no idea where to start..Any ideas?

    I live in South West WA and have a small budget for the wedding. We have no idea where to start...I need HELP! I know it might sound impossible but have about $5000 to work with and Looking at summer 09.

  7. Environmentally friendly wedding - please give me some ideas!?

    My fiance and I are very environmentally conscious and would like our wedding to reflect our "green" attitudes! We are planning on using either tree-free or recycled paper for all invitations, menus, etc. We plan on using soy candles and we would like our centerpieces to be living green plants. Are they are other suggestions you may have for how to incorporate the "going green" movement into our wedding?

  8. Should we do a canvas or platter for our guestbook? And what to do with photobooth photos from guests?

    My fiance wants a platter, to hang on the wall. I say if we're gonna hang it might as well do a canvas. We want a photobooth, without doing a traditional book, how could we collect up copies of the pics, (they print in sets of two so we would want the second set from our guests so we can enjoy them).

  9. Does anyone have any ideas for cheap wedding favors?

    I would like to do a vintage/retro type wedding and would like to know if anyone has any inexpensive favor ideas

  10. I want a wedding that is fun for me and my guests without doing the same thing as everyone else. Suggestions?

    Maybe it is because have been to about a billion weddings these past few years but I really want to do something unique (for both the ceremony and the reception) without too much hassle. I live in a small town so venues are somewhat limited. I'm open to your suggestions.

  11. What do I wear as a guest to a wedding?

    What do I wear to a wedding, as a guest? I'm a girl (in case you can't tell) and I want to wear a purple/ocean green/black dress, with sleeves, and not too short (just above the knees is preferable). I don't want anything that hugs the body - A-line would be lovely. I'm also not wanting to put my chest out to the world (bra is absolutely needed), so something high-necked/covered is also preferable. The wedding's in summer, but it's going to be very mild. Any sites you know of/can suggest, and some tips on what to choose? I'm pretty conservative, wouldn't mind dressing up for it, and I have ideas on what's appropriate (no white, not skanky) but I'm wondering, is there any other unofficial rules I should know about? As it may be obvious, I haven't gone to a wedding as an adult, so I want to do this correctly. These are the only things I could honestly see myself wearing:- http://www.promgirl.com/shop/dresses/viewitem-PD965524 http://www.simplydresses.com/shop/viewitem-PD948172 http://www.promgirl.com/shop/dresses/viewitem-PD954441 http://www.simplydresses.com/shop/viewitem-PD956751 Are they appropriate? The top one is my primary choice, but the others I like as well. Also - I'm not looking to spend more than $250 - I figured that since it'll probably be a big deal, and since I only own jeans and shirts, I may as well get something nice, but I don't see the point in breaking the bank. Thanks in advance!

  12. Ideas for a vintage wedding?

    I need some ideas as to what type of food I should have for a vintage wedding and also some neat favors for the guests. I don't want finger foods and I want the favors to relate to our theme. Thanks in advance!

  13. Should there be alcohol served at a reception?

    Okay right now i'm in the process of planning my reception for my wedding. And i wish to have an open bar but i have a problem. A lot of my family members are older and don't believe in that kind of thing at a reception. But there are also people who would love the open bar and i want to have one. I can afford to have one but because of my families religious views and upbringing should i just scratch the idea and not have one? And if i should have one how do i go about it without shaming my family?