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Cheap Wedding Decor Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How do I stay within my budget for the wedding?

    OK Everyone my boyfriend/Fiancé and I are now engaged & we’re planning the wedding for May of 2012. The average cost of a wedding today ranges from about 20 to 30,000. Our budget is 10,000 but I have a feeling that it won’t be feasible to stay under that amount. Can anyone help with good websites for favors, dresses, décor, ideas and etc? I’m so lost I have no idea where to even start. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  2. Planning a cinderella wedding need reception centerpiece ideas?

    I am planning my dream cinderella wedding but i am stumped when it comes to my reception center pieces for the tables. I tried finding glass slipper candles but no one has any anywhere! I need some amazing ideas please help!!!!!!

  3. Wiccan Wedding Reception-Do you have pictures or ideas of what one should look like?

    It's really hard to find ideas of one, and I don't want anyone sending me something unrelated or something "close" to what I was talking about.

  4. What wedding gift can I get for my girlfriend's sister?

    Me being the boyfriend of her sister, I obviously need to get something, some sort of gift but I have no idea what to get. Is there anything that I can get for the wedding? Im only 18 and dont have a high budget if thats any help.

  5. How much do you think it will cost for a reception for 240 people?

    My Fiance and I are getting married in December of 2010 and we are just kind of thinking about what we are going to do for the reception. We want to have finger food for about 240 people. How much do you think that will cost? Did you find any kind of food that was cheaper than others? We are going to have the reception at about three so we don't want to do dinner! Also has anyone ever gotten a cake from Publix? Was it any good? Thanks!

  6. what is a great gift to get my sister for her wedding?

    She does have a few registrys at sokme stores but my mom and I want to get her something really nice. The cost is up to $1000. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could get? Where I should look?

  7. Any ideas for pretty and affordable pew decorations?

    My sister is getting married this summer at a park. There are about 10 rows of benches for the guests and they need some decorations. We can't think of something pretty enough that's cheap enough (less than $100 total). Any advice is helpful! I'm the maid of honor and I feel like I'm not doing enough and if I can figure out this darn pew decor I'll feel much better. Thank you in advance.