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Cheap Wedding Decor Supplies Questions Answered!

  1. Is the Dollar Tree good enough for wedding party supplies and centerpieces?

    I need a cheap online store that'll help with buying bulk wedding party supplies for my reception! I like it simple, but I want to have nice centerpieces and ceiling decor....does anyone know if the Dollar Tree online is great to order for wedding party supplies?

  2. Does it look cheap if I ask guests to bring a dish?

    I mean I really cannot afford what the catering businesses want. Im already spending so much money on everything else, plus I have to buy my bridesmaids and maid of Honor dress! I dont want it to look cheap but is it wrong that I ask for my close family members to bring a dish of food ?

  3. What wedding ideas do you have for a $5000 wedding...in the midwest. (aka, no beaches :( unfortunately)?

    I want a classy wedding with 40-100 guests only. I want to be sure to stay within the $5000 provided budget (less if possible, as we could use the extra money toward our rings or honeymoon). I do not mind a spring or summer wedding for 2010. Any and all ideas/suggestions/resources/references/websites are really appreciated. Thanks in advance!! @(~_~)@

  4. Are digital cameras in Chennai expensive? Do they sell them duty free at the airport?

    They're expensive in Sri Lanka. I can buy one for more than double the price in Colombo or I can wait until I arrive at Chennai airport and buy one there. Also, does Chennai have cheap Lonely Planet travel guides? In Vietnam you could buy one for a couple of bucks on the street.

  5. Any suggestions on center pieces for wedding?

    Hi i am getting married next year and need some ideas cheap ones for center pieces ect and anything else you think you could help with ?

  6. what to cover walls with for homecoming?

    for homecoming we are thinking about going for a black out theme. i want to do black walls with glow in the dark paint splattered on it. im not sure what would be the cheapest way to cover the walls and floor though, what would be safest for the floors? thanks :) oh and do you know how much it would cost to get a black light?

  7. What do I absolutely need to have a great wedding?

    I am planning to get married in less than 60 days and i was wondering what are the NEEDS for it?I know the ring,license, and decorations but im lost...sort of. Is there a checklist i cud print or any great advice for me. p.s. there are going to be about 200 to 250 ppl showing up and i am on a strict budget of about $300 to $400 PLEASE HELP!:))

  8. Wedding decorations without spending my whole savings?

    I'm getting married August 21! I'm excited but it's quite stressful doing everything without blowing all my money. I want a nice wedding and cheap. But i don't want it to look cheap. Any of you brides to be or married ladies have ideas where i can save money? I was thinking about making the centerpieces and bouquets myself. Also anything i can do myself i will! Can you help on ideas?

  9. Does anybody know of any cheap wedding ideas?

    I am on a short leashed budget and still want to have a decent wedding. If anybody has any ideas on cakes, catering, decorations, photography, dresses etc. please let me know! :) Also any great websites would be much appreciated as well :-) Thanks!

  10. Tea Party Hostess/Planners? Any mothers that hosted TEA PARTY for their daughters, please help?

    My daughter we be 7 in January '08 and we plan to celebrate with a TEA PARTY :D (she is so excited) I have ideas of what i want to do and how I want to decorate. I would love some more ideas. Where can i get tea cups for cheap, even ones that they can paint and decorate? Games, Decor, Favors, etc. just any ideas please.... thanks for your time.

  11. i need some ideas for a low budget wedding?

    sounds bad putting it that way but we really don't have alot of money so we want to save to have a decent wedding just not over extravagant. any ideas? we're already saving money by having both the wedding and the reception at his grandma's house. the reception can be pretty she has a georgous pool setting in the back any help i'd appreciate it :)

  12. I am getting married and i have a budget of 5,000 not including the dress. HELP?

    i need cheap decorations, flowers, bridal pictures, photographers, just anything that you can think that goes with a wedding!

  13. I have a BILLION wedding planning QUESTIONS what do I do?? If you are planning your own wedding what are the..

    easiest things you can do yourself and not pay someone else to do? If you have a catering service what are the things you need to pay them for and what are the things you can do yourself? If you purchase some sort of package do you get a discount for doing some of the things yourself? I am trying to plan my own wedding and I am a girl who never thought about this kinda stuff growing up, so I don't have a clue?? We don't have alot of money, but want to have the nicest wedding with what we have. How many people out there that planned there own wedding would do it all again the same way? How many people who are in the process of planning there own wedding wish they wouldn't have even started? Sorry:-( I said I had sooo many questions so anyone who can anwer any of them will be a help to me thank you in advance! And, I am sure I will be back for more help!!;-)

  14. Cheap Wedding and Reception Venue in Orange County, CA?

    My fiance and I are getting married in early June of this year! We are looking to spend about $500 or less on a wedding venue. Preferably a place where we can do the ceremony and the reception with about 100 guests. We would supply the food and decor, so literally just a place to be! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!