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Easy Cheap Wedding Decor Questions Answered!

  1. I need help choosing a theme for my sweet sixteen party. i already bought the dress though?

    I am having a formal sweet sixteen party and i wasnt going to have a theme because i couldnt choose one. I went a bought the dress, and now i think it would be easier to plan everything else if i had a theme. the party is in october, and the dress is pink and orange with some designs on it.

  2. How do I blend a wedding decor theme with our cruise destinations and my favourite colour pink?

    I am getting married on a cruise ship at my home destination but will be traveling to Paris, Italy and France. I love the color pink so I know that I want the color coordination to be pink. However, I think it would be fun to somehow include decor that depict these cities. The question is how?

  3. Someone please, please help me with my wedding?

    What exactly draws a bride and groom to one reception venue compared to another when the same services are provided? When planning an event such as wedding, is price the main factor or are the services which are being offered more important?

  4. I need ideas for a poolside wedding decor?

    I'm getting married in May this year in India. It is going to be a poolside Hindu wedding followed by an informal buffet lunch. Since the wedding is going to be in the morning, I would really really really appreciate any inexpensive ideas for decor. My theme colours are orange, white and green...

  5. I need advice for a cheap wedding?

    I am getting married in 7 months or possibly a year my fiance keeps changing the date, we are looking at a guest party of maybe 85 people give or take you know how it works and we have a budget of just $3000. I dont know how to make this works and just adding up the prices and and looking at everything it just keeps adding up to more and more and its making me on the verg of crying. Does anyone have any great tips on having a wedding on such a small budget? Any advice would be great!

  6. Money saving ideas for wedding?

    I have posted before that I am planning a small wedding at a barn. Is there a way to steer away from a western theme with this type of atmosphere. Something country but not western. Any ideas about how to save money on dress , decorations, cake, food etc.?