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Cheap Wedding Decor Fabric Questions Answered!

  1. I am getting married. Does anyone have any crafty cheap ideas to make my wedding look amazing and beatiful?

    I am on a tight budget and i was wanting some creative elegant ideas for making the wedding look beatiful but not cheap looking. Any suggestions?

  2. Has anyone had a wedding in a marquee?

    We are planning on having our wedding in a marquee at the end of spring beginning of summer time. Does it get hot inside marquees? we are thinking a cocktail wedding so alot of people would be standing up. Any ideas of how to decorate it up??

  3. Ways to Save on Wedding?

    I'm recently engaged, and attempting to begin planning for the big day. Does anyone have tips as to how to save money or suggestions for planning? I'm also wondering what an average price is for a wedding. Any info helps! Thanks!

  4. Rustic farm wedding in a barn this up coming July?

    I am getting married on July 11, 2009 and would like to get married on a farm in a barn or park with a rustic setting. I am having trouble finding a venue like this. I would like the reception to take place south of Buffalo, either in Wyoming, Catt., or Southern Erie counties. Thanks for your help!!

  5. What are some ways to save on weddings & receptions?

    Looking for cost-saving ideas that will not make the wedding look 'cheap'... Everything from food, # guests, flowers, cake, etc.

  6. I have a budget of only £3000 to get married does anyone have any suggestions to keep costs down?!?

    I am happy to get a second hand dress etc but can't find that many inexpensive venues. It will be a civil wedding for about 100 people in total

  7. ideas for cheap wedding decor?

    looking for ideas for cheap wedding decor http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4045433810304&set=a.3769783879228.2135593.1115657989&type=1&theater http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4045429170188&set=a.3769783879228.2135593.1115657989&type=1&theater

  8. what kind of decor do you like for your wedding?

    what kind of decor do you like for your wedding? need ideas FROM YOU real people, not web sites. What do you personally like in decor and accessories? Tell me everything! Thanks!!

  9. I am getting married in Collingswood,NJ & my budget is two thousand dollars..(Please Help?!)?

    I want a nice wedding and no I don't want to get married at a courthouse. I have about 35 people I would like to invite and I dont mind any (Do it urself ideas), Im very creative and perfer diy. Thank U!

  10. for a wedding reception.....?

    what are some things that are needed? like me and my friend are planning a wedding reception and we would be great if yall gave us a list to go off of...Thanks.

  11. where to find wedding supplies for a spooky/scary/vampire/goth wedding?

    where can i find wedding supplies such as favors or decor for a spooky/scary/vampire/goth wedding? any website?

  12. Any decently priced decorating ideas for this hall...?

    http://s163.photobucket.com/albums/t297/shepar60/Hall/ Here is what it looks like. Wedding colors are pool silver and white. It is fairly big, if you can't tell from the pictures. The dj is going to be on the stage...what do you think of the bridal party being on stage as well...its a big stage?// Thanks