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Cheap Wedding Decor Rentals In California Questions Answered!

  1. My Wedding Budget // Solid?

    The prices I have listed are the ones I've been quoted for from the places I've picked out, so these aren't guesses. Feel free to comment on any of the areas and let me know if I'm paying way too much (or if I'm getting a great deal). I'm just trying to make sure I have all bases covered. Venue: $5,250 (This is the total for the fully decorated ceremony and reception. Includes officiant, full buffet-style meal, cake, music, bartender (not alcohol), wedding planning sessions, no rentals necessary. Includes $150 rehearsal fee.) Bride and Groom Attire: $1000 (My dress is around $450, so I rounded up to $600 for alterations along with $150 for veil and jewelry. Tux rental budgeted to $250 including shoes.) Flowers and Decor: $1100 (This is what I was quoted for minimal additional decor for the ceremony and reception, bouquets, and additional flower arrangements.) Invitations: $400 (Includes invitations with envelopes, reply cards with envelopes, and thank you cards with envelopes. This also includes postage.) Jewelry: $1750 (Included $1500 for my ring and $500 for his, according to prices we saw online. $1000 of mine will come from trading in my engagement ring -- our decision.) Liquor: $250 (Beer and wine for 75 guests, only 45 of which are legal drinking age and will be drinking.) Photography: $1500 (Includes the photographer, some prints, and three CDs with pictures for us to print. Four-hour wedding day coverage.) Beauty and Pampering: $250 (I'm getting my hair done for $50, estimated spray tan at $100, $50 for make-up, and $50 for nails and toenails.) These are my big money or major items. I know I will be spending money here and there on things, can anyone see anything I may have missed? This also doesn't include the honeymoon, obviously. I'm feeding 75 with the $5250. I was so lucky to find this venue! It's beautiful and includes like 90% of everything we need for the wedding day. Thanks for mentioning the marriage license! I never even thought of that. No clue how much that will be!