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Super Cheap Wedding Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Cheap wedding ceremony and reception venues in or near Atlanta?

    does anyone know of any cheap/very inexpensive wedding venues in or near Atlanta?? Marietta, Kennesaw or anywhere close?? to have the wedding and reception in the same place....and for a small quest list about 75 people?? any information would be helpful. thank you!

  2. Help, I need a quick, simple and cheap centerpiece for tables...?

    My wedding is this Friday and I still haven't decided on my centerpieces. I have 9 tables to decorate and have no idea what to do. It is actually renew of my wedding vowels, but we are having a quick ceremony. There's no decor, just the room with a beautiful fireplace. Flower arranjements are expensive and candles alone are too plain. I am on a super tight budget. Considering all this, any ideas are welcome. Please help!

  3. Where can I find military wedding decorations?

    My fiancee is in the Navy. We are stationed in Hawaii. ( so maybe a mix of Navy and with elements of Hawaii) The Navy colors are Blue and Gold. The wedding is November 1st, 2008. We are also getting married in the sub base chapel. (It's beautiful!) The reception is at the Seabreeze in Hickam. Any help would be great!

  4. twilight themed bachelorette party?

    I'm looking for ideas for a bachelorette party. May be not full blown twilight theme, but we all love it and we are planning to watch the movie and play the board game but any other ideas to help make it a little more twilight based? Any ideas will be helpful, I don't want kidish ideas though. Something that would be fun for some ladies in their 20s.

  5. SUPER cheap wedding ideas?!?

    I just got engaged, and my mom has some vacation time in June... we were thinking of getting married then so she can be there (she works at the PD and vacation time is hard to come by)... But I'm not really feeling the idea of everyone caravaning to the COURTHOUSE. What are some super cheap wedding ideas? Key words: SUPER CHEAP. Just us my mom, step mom, and sisters, and his mom and dad. I am in Houston. I just want something scenic where we can snap some nice pictures. I don't wanna decorate or anything. I would do the whole Galveston beach thing but it's kinda hot right now!! Any ideas?? THANKS!

  6. does any1 have any unique ideas on how to dress a table for a wedding?

    sensible answers please xxxx

  7. Planning a low budget wedding?

    I am trying to plan a wedding. We don't have a lot of money right now for anything super fancy. So we are tying to plan on a low budget. What are some ways to help keep the cost down? Most specifically how to keep the cost down for the reception, but the whole wedding in general would be helpful too. Thanks! thanks! all this will help a ton! Not sure if we have a sams club. We usually shop at the comissary. (new to this town). but we will look. Thanks for all the help! I appreciate it all!

  8. Need Help planning a small budget wedding for a sick friend in NY...Any ideas etc. will be so much appreciated?

    I really need help! I need to plan a super cheap $1000 budget wedding/reception in Westchester County, NY or surrounding areas? I'm planning it for my very sick best friend(more like sister), who's very sick and battling Lupus with a 1 year old at home. It will be a max. of 30 ppl, no kids. I have a volunteer to photograph(my hubby does it as his hobby ;),I'm doing the decor and table setting myself to save and I'm also paying for her gown & a friend is doing the music. We also have a family member who make professional cakes willing to give us a great deal on that as well, and we are having a yard sale to hopefully make some of the money to pay for the actual wedding bands. I just want it to be as special and elegant as it can be for her. She deserves it! Any help, ideas would be so appreciated! Cheap venues, food/bev., anything at all? thanks so much guys! Thanks so much guys. We weren't planning to have any alcohol at all, only because she doesn't drink anyway, so I was thinking of a cash bar. My main concern where am I gonna get food/bevs. , a place and decor for $1000?

  9. niche in the wedding industry?

    any ideas for an untapped niche market in the wedding industry that you think is needed?